Morning visitor … downy woodpecker on the wisteria

Earlier this week I heard some kind of knocking sound — or maybe even the gentle sound of a rocking chair — coming from the front porch. Slowly opening the door to peer outside, there was a downy woodpecker on the wisteria vine pecking away at a bug smorgasboard. Quietly retreating from the door, I found my camera and slipped back over to snap a photo of my visitor. What a beauty!

Photo by Lynn R. Mitchell
December 4, 2012

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  • I need to grow wisteria on the property somewhere… though these woodpeckers are EVERYWHERE on the property! they look great — nothing better than walking through the woods and hearing the distant tap-tap-tap of those guys…

    • Except when that ‘tap-tap-tap’ is on the side of your house!

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