The return of Mark Sanford?

In the wake of South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint declaring that he will resign his seat to become president of the Heritage Foundation, whose name should surface as an eventual contender for the seat in 2014 but former Gov. Mark Sanford:

Don’t rule it out. In an interview, the former South Carolina governor said he’d been by bombarded Thursday by calls and emails from former donors and allies encouraging him to consider a run in the 2014 election for Mr. DeMint’s seat. And, guess what? He’s not dismissing the idea.

“It’s not a ‘no,’ but it’s not a ‘yes,’ ” Mr. Sanford said.

So “maybe,” then.

“What we all pray for is redemption in many different ways in life,” Mr. Sanford said. “Whatever we get wrong, we want that much more to get it right the next time. It’s a fairly consistent theme.

“Second acts are what marks the American experiment and is something at one level or another we all hope for.”

But, he says, “that’s a concept, not an action.” So don’t take it to mean he’s made up his mind.

For now, count him flattered by the attention and as surprised by Mr. DeMint’s resignation as everyone else. “If there’s anything that I’ve learned in life, it has many surprises, strange turns and twists,” he said. “You never say never.”

I interviewed Sanford at the Republican convention in Tampa back in August. Even then, he was talking about redemption.