Tom Perriello NOT to run for Governor in 2013

In a statement released earlier today, former Congressman Tom Perriello has said he will not be running for the Democratic nomination for Governor in 2013:

I have considered a run for Governor, and am genuinely touched by the outpouring of support. I do not feel called to serve in elected office at this time, but I do not need to have my name on the ballot to be part of the fight.

Perriello spent less space in his statement saying no as he did attacking Republicans and Ken Cuccinelli directly while endorsing Terry MacAuliffe’s run for the nomination. The full statement is available on The Huffington Post.

  • pinecone321

    LOL One term Tommy is afraid that even a dump truck full of stolen votes could get him in the Governor’s seat.

  • MD Russ

    Big surprise. Here is a guy who squeaked into the Congress by 700 votes by convincing thousands of UVA students to change their voter registration from their home towns to Charlottesville. And he still couldn’t get reelected. That is the equivalent of losing a beauty pageant in your mother’s living room. Buh-bye, Tommy.

  • Hmmm. The R & D ticket is set now. If voters like contrast, they certainly have it in spades with these two. Maybe Bolling running as an Independent isn’t as nutty as it seems.

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