Open Thread: Why the emotions about Cuccinelli?

Since 2002, I’ve noticed a phenomenon surrounding Ken Cuccinelli and it is even more true today than ten years ago.

Ken Cuccinelli elicits a super-intense emotional response, especially from the activist wings of both Parties.

I’ve talked to right-wingers who, excuse me for mixing metaphors, think Cuccinelli walks on water and will walk through fire to help him.

I’ve talked to Democrats who claim they’ll leave the state if he becomes Governor (hmmmmmm). They literally think the world will come to a cataclysmic halt if he is elected Governor.

I’ve talked to business people who react to him like they react to no one else. Bob Marshall doesn’t get this reaction.

He’s enough to make Bill Bolling ponder whether to challenge him as an Independent candidate.


Cuccinelli has a conservative record, but it’s really no more conservative than dozens of Republican politicians in Virginia. Heck, on the triggerman rule, he’s on side with the liberal Democrats.

But the facts of votes and accomplishments don’t seem matter to people when it comes to Ken Cuccinelli. The right loves him and the left hates him, and they both act a little crazy about it.

Why does Cuccinelli universally get such high-powered emotional reactions? Why?

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