I Don’t Like Basketball. I Like Even Less The Idea Of Being Forced To Pay For It

So Virginia Beach wants a basketball team. Now isn’t that special? They just want the rest of us to pay for it.

Sure, tourism revenue is a good thing. But us general, average taxpayers should not be funding it. Rick Boucher was famous for bringing in bike trails and such in the name of tourism, but he didn’t have to pay for them. He made the rest of us do it.

So Virginia Beach now wants an NBA team? Great! Go get you one. Virginia Beach can even grant them the land to site the arena on. Just do not ask the rest of us to fund it.

Where did this idea come from? That we should build the very infrastructure for some team owner to then make revenue from? It’s madness.

I don’t even want to research how much our local soccer arena cost us. Or who is getting a paycheck from it. (Although now that I’ve asked the question I will do the research.) It’s way past time for such foolishness. We have far too many real financial difficulties ahead of us in Virginia to even consider such stuff.

Ask Clay Earles,(Martinsville Speedway), the Sawyer family,(Richmond International), Carl Moore, Larry Carrier and R.G. Pope,(Bristol, the track is located in Tennessee, it still brings big tourism bucks to Virginia). Please include the original owners of Virginia International Raceway, just outside Danville, when you ask how much their facilities create in tourism dollars and how many tax dollars have gone into their development.

Just like the Redskins practice facility, this is not something for tax dollars to pay for. If Virginia Beach wants it, Virginia Beach should get it and pay for it. Or better yet, make the NBA franchise pay for it just like those aforementioned racetrack builders did.

(Note: Paul Sawyer and family did lease the fairgrounds, known at the time as Atlantic Rural Exposition Fairgrounds, before purchasing the track property in 1955.)