Go blow, Virginia. McDonnell admin announces lease sales for wind.

Well, if we can’t get oil and natural gas, we might as well get wind. Here’s an important announcement from the McDonnell administration regarding the development of wind farms off of coastal Virginia:

RICHMOND – The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management [BOEM] announced this morning that Virginia will be one of three states included in the first-ever renewable energy lease sale on the outer continental shelf [OCS]. Following that announcement Governor Bob McDonnell issued the following statement:

“Since the first days of our administration we have urged the Department of the Interior to move aggressively on development of the unique and promising wind energy resources off of Virginia’s coast. Today’s announcement is an exciting and important step forward. We congratulate and thank all of the individuals at BOEM, Virginia’s Offshore Wind Development Authority, and the Virginia Task Force for working together so effectively to bring us to this point. There is energetic interest in the resource off of Virginia’s coast. We look forward to a Virginia lease sale, and to building an industry in Virginia that will serve offshore wind development up and down the East coast and bring good paying jobs to our Commonwealth. “

For more information about the lease sales please see the official BOEM release HERE.

  • pinecone321

    I knew this was coming as McDonnell had been pushing the legislature to approve money for the project. He applauded two VA wind energy companies who got federal monies for the VA Wind project. I lost all respect for McDonnell when he said he couldn’t wait for the day when he saw vehicles going down the road powered by solar. What part of a gigantic tremendous waste of taxpayer money, and an already proven useless source of energy does McDonnell not get? Isn’t he also pushing for increased state gas taxes? How about that roads project in NOVA which didn’t benefit many?

    I am so sick and disgusted with people who fool me with their so-called conservative principles before they are elected, and then govern as though the liberals have all the control and they must reach across the aisle and comply. I don’t remember the name of the R VA Senator, but I know one of them has been working on this wind project since Kaine was Governor. Can’t disappoint the Dems now can we.

    How many damn studies and reports from so many sources have to be undertaken and printed for the greenie idiots to understand it is not at any point of sustainability without federal government subsidies, and likely will not be for a very long time. It is not anything more than a means of increasing electricity rates in the form of taxes to pay for some Gov.’s playtoys. Gov. Christie did the same in NJ not long after he was elected. Ask him how many businesses have left the state because of those increased electricity rates to cover someone’s pipe dream. And consumers need higher electricity bills when Obama is breaking their backs at the grocery store and the gas station already.

    I should have believed my lying eyes when I watched McDonnell putting on his lipstick before a rally the day before the election in 2009. That was after his wife made sure his every hair was in place, and his suit didn’t have a speck of dust or lint on it.

  • pinecone321

    Did anyone see the long long list of federally subsidized green energy companies have gone bust, or are in the process?

    I thought the Republicans would at least be an all of the above supporter. Of course Obama’s all of the above means wind and solar.

    • The only two that are above the ground…

  • EricMcGrane

    Wind is a loser. Total loser.

    Complete, total disaster of a loser.

    I’m excited that VA gets to get on the loser bandwagon.

  • pinecone321

    I love it, I just love it. Would anyone think that the Obama supporters would ever come out against anything Obama says or does? Not on you life. So McDonnell comes out with a really idiotic plan that is going forward by his own push, but God forbid that anyone break that Reagan 11th comandment rule. Don’t ever go against what the R Gov says and does. No, no. Isn’t anyone out for holding our elected officials accountable anymore? Is McDonnell allowed to do any damn thing he wants, but anyone with an R behind their name, hides and has nothing to say>

  • I have absolutely nothing against wind farms. Or any other source of energy. That is all well and good. I do have to wonder about putting windmills in the Chesapeake bay. But I’m all ears on this one. But would like to hear from the maritime community first.

  • GOP establishment at it again, once again selling out the citizens of Virginia for 30 pieces of silver.

    …but is anyone even slightly surprised?

  • oldgeezer

    If Virginia can receive more money in then it spends, then that is OK… You make money off the leases and the repairs..
    What I want to know is how much money Virginia will receive from the leases ????
    As a rough guide, the cost of electricity from off shore wind turbines is about TEN times the cost from a coal fired plant.. It is like paying $30 a gallon for gasoline. Which is what gasoline may cost soon because of the EPA.

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