Go blow, Virginia. McDonnell admin announces lease sales for wind.

Well, if we can’t get oil and natural gas, we might as well get wind. Here’s an important announcement from the McDonnell administration regarding the development of wind farms off of coastal Virginia:

RICHMOND – The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management [BOEM] announced this morning that Virginia will be one of three states included in the first-ever renewable energy lease sale on the outer continental shelf [OCS]. Following that announcement Governor Bob McDonnell issued the following statement:

“Since the first days of our administration we have urged the Department of the Interior to move aggressively on development of the unique and promising wind energy resources off of Virginia’s coast. Today’s announcement is an exciting and important step forward. We congratulate and thank all of the individuals at BOEM, Virginia’s Offshore Wind Development Authority, and the Virginia Task Force for working together so effectively to bring us to this point. There is energetic interest in the resource off of Virginia’s coast. We look forward to a Virginia lease sale, and to building an industry in Virginia that will serve offshore wind development up and down the East coast and bring good paying jobs to our Commonwealth. “

For more information about the lease sales please see the official BOEM release HERE.