Stimpson consultant with Obama and Clinton

When you’re running for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia nowadays, candidates tout their conservative principles.

Susan Stimpson has. She sent an email today to that effect.

“Republicans win, when we are united to lead on the issues. Our conservative values. Our commitment to limited government. Our opposition to higher taxes. Our defense of states rights and individual liberties. We lead on these issues united and we win. The establishment and liberal media want us to surrender our values and endorse their agenda. I won’t surrender and we shouldn’t give up our beliefs.” Susan Stimpson

The email was sent through Laszlo Strategies. Meet Laszlo!

In case you like Bill Clinton better.

Here’s a hint to conservative candidates who try to tell everyone how important it is to never “surrender” conservative beliefs: If your consultants have pictures of Barack Obama and Bill Clinton on their website, expect a conservative to ask what advice they are giving you and wonder how your conservative principles led you consultants to look like they play for the other team.

: The Stimpson campaign issued this response:

Laszlo Strategies is not working, supporting or anything for the Stimpson campaign. The campaign had a glitch it its email sever and had to use an alternative. The alternative email firm had that left over in a template.

  • pinecone321

    I’ve long expected that the Republican party would get some infiltrators who come on as great conservative candidates, but not saying the first honest thing about what they would do if they won. Don’t we already have a few state R Senators that use the R after their name for nothing more than convenience. Haven’t we been hearing a whole lot lately about the destructive consultant class who could care less if their candidate wins, they are only in it for the bucks they will make off the campaign. Jeffrey Lord has a terrific piece out today about Steve Schmidt, the campaign honcho for Dole, McCain, and Romney. His only win was with Schwartzeneger (sp) and we all know how that turned out.

    • Susan decreased property taxes in Stafford County 3 years in a row, got rid of BPOL and created a SURPLUS at the same time. That’s “coming on as a great conservative”, that IS a great conservative.

  • TerryTom

    Non issue – go to Laszlo’s website and you’ll see she has pictures with everyone. Buy your measure, no Republican should ever take a picture with a Democrat. Does that make any sense?

  • She’s also a flip-floper with hair.

  • Tom Dykers

    What is the point you are trying to convey?

  • This is always the potential liability in using a bipartisan consultant. That’s why there are so few of them.

    • pinecone321

      Mr. Schoeneman, is there any possibility that you can post the store name and address, or the website where you buy your delusion juice? From reading your comments, even after the recent election, you seem to be sitting on your own little island somewhere, far away from what has gone on around you, and absolutely unaware that some things have changed drastically around you. Gee I wish I could buy the same bubble to wrap myself with that you have apparently done. I came to that final conclusion when you said that no one blames the Republicans. Did you sleep through the Bush Derangement Syndrome that still lives, and is on display every time Obama needs a scapegoat.

      • Sure, it’s called Jameson, they make it in Ireland.

        Now, what’s delusional about what I wrote? There aren’t that many bipartisan political consultants out there. Most people pick one side or the other, and don’t do business with the other side. Primarily because you don’t want your consultant to draw fire from the opposition, especially in a nomination battle. It tends to happen.

        Now Stimpson’s campaign has said this wasn’t their vendor, any we have no reason to think that’s not true – everyone can check VPAP when she files to see if they’ve paid Laszlo – but it’s still sloppy.

  • Ryan Gleason

    So, if you go to the Laszlo Strategies website and look at the team members, there’s a short biography of Ms. Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi. She at one point served on the board of the Organization Women’s Campaign Fund which is dedicated to electing women who support “Reproductive health choices for all.”

  • Scott S

    Our ability to write in complete sentences.

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