Stimpson consultant with Obama and Clinton

When you’re running for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia nowadays, candidates tout their conservative principles.

Susan Stimpson has. She sent an email today to that effect.

“Republicans win, when we are united to lead on the issues. Our conservative values. Our commitment to limited government. Our opposition to higher taxes. Our defense of states rights and individual liberties. We lead on these issues united and we win. The establishment and liberal media want us to surrender our values and endorse their agenda. I won’t surrender and we shouldn’t give up our beliefs.” Susan Stimpson

The email was sent through Laszlo Strategies. Meet Laszlo!

In case you like Bill Clinton better.

Here’s a hint to conservative candidates who try to tell everyone how important it is to never “surrender” conservative beliefs: If your consultants have pictures of Barack Obama and Bill Clinton on their website, expect a conservative to ask what advice they are giving you and wonder how your conservative principles led you consultants to look like they play for the other team.

: The Stimpson campaign issued this response:

Laszlo Strategies is not working, supporting or anything for the Stimpson campaign. The campaign had a glitch it its email sever and had to use an alternative. The alternative email firm had that left over in a template.