RPV Chairman Mullins Slams Bolling

Press release issued moments ago:

“I am disappointed by Lt. Governor Bolling’s remarks over the past 48 hours. Lt. Governor Bolling has a stellar record of public service, and has long been a strong voice for the conservative cause.  Nowhere in his statements does he mention a policy disagreement with the Attorney General.

“The proper venue for challenging a fellow Republican is during a nomination contest. Lt. Governor Bolling chose to suspend his campaign. I hope he will take his own words to heart and work to bring our Party together.”

This is not the way for Bill Bolling to go out.

  • pinecone321

    Having a meltdown should be taken care of privately between Bolling and his doctor, not between him and the public at large, especially via the WaPo. I’m sure the Romney loss affected him tremendously and caused more than a little depression that we all felt to one degree or another. He’s known for months that Cooch was beating him handily in the support column.

  • EricMcGrane

    I could insert some commentary about not understanding how Bolling’s behavior is aligned with him being more “electable”, or that how his “radical” behavior is something we’d expect to see from a “tea party extremist” and not from the chosen pool of my betters, but those comments wouldn’t be helpful.

    I wonder how all those folks that heaped praise on Bolling for bowing out “honorably” feel now? Now that its so bad that Mullins had to issue a public rebuke?

    • Had to? Or chose to?

      • EricMcGrane

        Well, I certainly don’t believe there was a legal requirement for him to do so, if you’d like to focus on semantics.

      • Mullin’s hand was forced… you can’t have Party Members so forcibly trashing the field of candidates or you look rather impotent. Bolling knew what he was doing- its obvious that he is a bright and well spoken man

        • If Mullins weren’t impotent, Cuccinelli would be running for AG again.

          • EricMcGrane

            Are you implying that it was Pat’s role to strong-arm Ken into not running…to clear the field for the pre-ordained/pre-determined candidate?

  • So much for the Bearing Drift endorsement for Bill..

    • EricMcGrane

      Oh stop it! If Bolling resigns then we won’t have anyone that’s electable and not “extreme”. Nothing says “right man for the republican party” than leaving it.

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