The Score this week: fiscal cliffs and Republican Advances

On this podcast edition of “The Score” radio show…

Scott Lee talks with “Boomergeddon” author and Bacon’s Rebellion editor Jim Bacon about that pesky fiscal cliff. As Jim says, this is really a “baby cliff’ compared to the one looming ahead…you know, the one we plunge over once our lenders decide they will no longer support our spending habits and, soon afterwards, the entitlement checks stop coming.

Scott takes the mic to wonder about Grinches at home and abroad, while offering his services to cut Virginia’s budget.

I take a segment to talk with RPV chairman Pat Mullins about the 2012 election wreckage and what the RPV has learned from the results. Mullins says the Party has a plan for exorcising 2012’s ghosts and getting prepared for the 2013 statewide contests. All will be revealed at the Party’s annual Advance this weekend in Virginia Beach. Mullins also talks about Mark Warner’s political future as well as the good Senator’s proposal to make voting even easier (and under federal control).

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