Labiosa Straw Poll Hacked?

So claims blogger Chris Labiosa:

This compromise happened at roughly 11:30AM on 11/21/12 and was geared towards assisting Senator Steve Martin. The compromise was acknowledged when the website view’s no longer aligned with the number of people that voted in the poll. Senator Martin’s numbers increased by over 100 votes with no new website views.

The hacker is known and has been confronted about the attack. The hacker has a direct link with the Steve Martin staff and had threatened to vote “a few thousand times” in the poll. This was the only occurrence of hacking the poll, so the poll’s results from directly before the attack are posted below.

Now far be it from your friendly bloggers at Bearing Drift to insist that perhaps our statewide candidates and contenders are taking online polls a tad bit too seriously.

In fact, we love the attention.

But we might suggest to political pretenders who aspire to be the next Karl Rove that maybe — just maybe — paying more attention to online polls than our conservative grassroots is oh — I’d say 80% of the reason? — we got our butts kicked on Election Day.

Snap out of it, morons.  There’s work to do in the field.