Labiosa Straw Poll Hacked?

So claims blogger Chris Labiosa:

This compromise happened at roughly 11:30AM on 11/21/12 and was geared towards assisting Senator Steve Martin. The compromise was acknowledged when the website view’s no longer aligned with the number of people that voted in the poll. Senator Martin’s numbers increased by over 100 votes with no new website views.

The hacker is known and has been confronted about the attack. The hacker has a direct link with the Steve Martin staff and had threatened to vote “a few thousand times” in the poll. This was the only occurrence of hacking the poll, so the poll’s results from directly before the attack are posted below.

Now far be it from your friendly bloggers at Bearing Drift to insist that perhaps our statewide candidates and contenders are taking online polls a tad bit too seriously.

In fact, we love the attention.

But we might suggest to political pretenders who aspire to be the next Karl Rove that maybe — just maybe — paying more attention to online polls than our conservative grassroots is oh — I’d say 80% of the reason? — we got our butts kicked on Election Day.

Snap out of it, morons.  There’s work to do in the field.

  • Steve Vaughan

    Campaigns that have time for silly stuff like this probably don’t run well against campaign that spend their time more productively, like canvassing likely convention delegates.

  • VA Political Watcher

    Weird the accusation of inpropriety in a poll on the part of one campaign (Steve Martin) comes from a staffer from a competing campaign (Labiosa works for Stimpson). Perhaps his site wasn’t getting the results it wanted from the poll so he took his ball and went home?

    • VA Political Watcher


    • Labiosa

      The facts are listed but I understand your concern. The fact of course is that it is impossible for the polling numbers to be increasing for one candidate on the page while the website hits remain unchanged. Multiple people reported the sudden boost and I checked with my data and found the issue.

  • Right now the page is under attack. Someone is whacking the guys page.. Its on again off again.. Maybe a denial of service or a spam bot.. This is not what I would expect from any campaign and I hope Steve will handle this accordingly.

    • VA Political Watcher

      What kind of technological capabilities do you think statewide campaigns have? I can assure no statewide candidate has enough time or budget to hack websites to a degree that would make them go down. Especially considering the Romney campaign couldn’t even do it.

      • Mike

        Perhaps Va political watcher is correct – the site is run by a Simpson staffer and they don’t like the results. My boss is losing I better make something up.

        Seems hard to believe any campaign would play games with such a foolish poll. Perhaps if people could stop playing games do some real work we could win some elections.

        • Labiosa

          Never said it was staff, I said it was someone who was directly related to a Martin staff member. I was not employed by Stimpson at the time of the poll, and James Cohen was one of the people who watched as the poll was hacked – he was also viewing the attack on my site as I was.

          • Sunshine_2016

            …Seriously?? So yesterday you weren’t employed by Stumpson and today you are? You claim that it’s your poll but you’re upset that you can’t control your manipulated results? What a waste of everyone’s time. SO embarrassing!

          • Greg A.

            So you’re a Stimson staffer and you just put James Cohen in cahoots with you. That means the ones shaking they’re rattles the loudest are two people from an opposing campaign, one a supporter and on a staffer. Seems odd to me. And you’re still claiming there was an attack by Martin people on your site? Do you know anything about technology and how difficult that is? They would have to have a lot of money and intricate knowledge of the way in which Internet code is written. If that’s the case then I better jump on board with them, they clearly have the monetary, technological, and intellectual edge. Might I offer an alternative that perhaps this article sent a number of more people to your little site that it had never had before. An overload of visitors can easily cause a website to be spotty. Oh wait, that wouldn’t be possible because the “number of voters exceeded the number of visitors”…What a joke. Poor representation on the part of Stimson that she would condone such insane accusations and mudslinging in such an early portion of what is sure to be a long campaign.

          • Labiosa

            No money would be needed, Greg Aldridge, campaign manager of EW Jackson. Simply disallowing the poll to collect private data enabled the exploit — As far as a DoS attack, you can download LOIC for free which will take down websites. Both of those things are free, and with a basic DSL internet connection – they can both be accomplished. Continue displaying moral outrage in hopes that it plays well for your candidate.

          • Hey Greg, how odd that your man EW Jackson was winning the LG poll by narrow margins for most of the time the poll ran before one IP logged on and added a few hundred votes for Martin. I guess it was ok before 11am?

            The poll was targeting tea party and liberty minded people active in Va politics to gage their support for candidates. Nothing nefarious, a simple poll run by a teenage kid. I applaude the guy for getting involved in VA politics on the R side. Next time you feel compelled to whack someone it might behoove you to get the facts first.

          • It would seem to me you need to change the password on your server. That’s the only way anyone can manipulate the numbers without adding page views. Is your polling software rock solid? Your site stats plug-in? Is your blog’s platform solid as well? Did you consider any of the above before blaming Senator Martin.

        • I have to agree. I honestly can’t understand why anybody would waste the resources to screw with an online poll on a site almost no one has ever heard of.

  • Not Jamie Radtke

    This is really a shame. I have been a huge fan of Steve Martin ever since he did that King Tut song on Saturday Night Live.

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