Waynesboro reporter first to interview George Allen after election … asks, “What now?”

 Susan and George Allen at their home, summer 2011.

Waynesboro reporter Bob Stuart sat down Monday with Republican George Allen for Allen’s first post-election interview less than a week after his loss to Democrat Tim Kaine. In the most-watched and most expensive U.S. Senate race in the nation, it went down to the wire before both Allen and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney fell to defeat.

Stuart, with the Waynesboro News-Virginian, beat out the Washington Post and others for the coveted interview to ask the former Governor and U.S. Senator, “What now?”

After a hard-fought race, Allen spoke candidly about his experience during the 45-minute interview in which Stuart wrote:

Of the nearly two-year campaign, Allen said, “We gave it our all.” He said he and his wife worked harder during the campaign than in any other they had ever waged for political office.

Stuart traveled to Alexandria to sit down and talk with Allen in his Northern Virginia office. This is the first of a two-part article with the second part delving deeper into Allen’s thoughts about the 2012 campaign and his future.

Photo by Lynn R. Mitchell

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  • Lovettsville Lady

    This loss hurt even more than Romney. The Allens are such fine people, such fine representatives of Virginia and they worked so hard for this race. It breaks my heart. Virginia deserves a representative like George Allen.

    • I feel the same way, but he just couldn’t shake the racist good-ol’-boy image with which he was tarred last time around. It makes me sick that such a good man as George Allen lost to Tim Kaine, a proven pathological liar and snake oil salesman.

  • rtwingtroll

    Ahem, did youse guys watch da race? Team Allen attacked Kaine on TV at end for CUTTING education spending while Team Kaine, all too fairly, ripped Allen for his big-spending Senate ways. Good-bye and so long, ambitious, faux conservative. And he was never pro-life. Never.


    • Dave

      not pro-life? Explain.

  • George and Susan Allen are two of the finest people I have had the privilage of knowing in my life. George will always be respected for being man enough to make a difference in the lives of millions of Virginians. He voice and endorsement will carry great weight for any candiate and citizen. He was man enough to admit his faults and ask for forgiveness. Let he without sin continue to cast stones…It won’t be me. He made me proud and Susan showed us what the perfect wife looks and acts like. We only wish them well and know the lord has other more important plans for him and his family.

  • Nathan Miller

    Maybe RPV will finally get the message. Virginia very clearly voted Allen out the first time because he thought it was fun to spend money like a Democrat.

    Loved him as governor, but he was a piss poor senator.

  • Please you had your time NOW PLEASE GO AWAY SIR !

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