Fidel, Hugo and Saddam Must be Jealous

In Cleveland, biggest city in the most significant swing state of the election, Ohio, turns out there were 21 voting districts in which Mitt Romney received 0 votes.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Zero votes.  Even Gary Johnson picked up a few votes, but not Romney.  Oh, by the way, there were also 23 districts where Romney received exactly one vote.

In Philadelphia, the largest city in the late-breaking swing state of Pennsylvania, there were 59 voting divisions in which Romney received… guessed it, zero votes.  That’s compared with 19,605 votes for Barack Obama.  19,605-0.

Methinks Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez and the dearly departed Saddam Hussein would be jealous.  These exemplars of democratic rule usually had to squeak by with about 98% of the vote.

  • Dan

    You’re right. Not even Saddam himself could gerrymander as well as state house Republicans. PA Republicans have become so proficient at making sure that all black votes are contained within certain districts that they’ve completely removed the possibility that a single Republican exists within certain Philly voting precincts. Well done, PA Republicans.
    Or were you trying to (lamely) infer that voting fraud was the cause?

    • That’s cute, Dan. Nice try. And this is why working with liberals is not likely to happen any time soon. People like you exist. If you’re that blind in your partisanship, where’s the common ground? If you can’t even see a problem here, then you are a lost cause. I don’t doubt there was gerrymandering in PA – but no votes at all for a major party candidate…even one vote by mistake? Get real.

      • Dan

        No, I’m saying that you’re ASSUMING voter fraud based entirely on numbers without mentioning the overwhelming factor for those numbers. Certainly, I cannot state definitively that there was no voter fraud in the Philly precincts. But I’m not the one putting up the blog post inferring that widespread fraud is what caused this seemingly unusual outcome.

        Nevermind that in one of those Philly precincts there are only TWELVE registered Republicans–and that the Philly Inquirer couldn’t locate a single one of them for interviews–and only seven white residents listed in the 2010 Census. Nevermind that in many of those Philly precincts there were ZERO votes for McCain in 2008 as well. And that it also happened to GWB in a handful of Philly precincts in 2004. Nevermind that even though Larry Sabato noted that it was unusual and worth looking into, it was hardly unprecedented.

        No, don’t cite any of those other facts that might get in the way of your obviously unbiased and reasoned conclusion that voter fraud was clearly the cause of Mitt Romney’s non-existent performance in Philadelphia and Cleveland.

        • Dan

          I’ll correct this post. J.R., obviously you were not the one who wrote this particular post. When I saw your response, I assumed that you were the author.

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