Veterans Day 2012: Staunton parade honors military veterans

Sadly missed was Mr. D.E. Hite (Speedy) of Augusta County who passed away in June at the age of 94. A veteran of World War II, Korea, and Vietnam, he was in every Veterans Day parade, often walking the route from start to finish. He was an American hero and his absence was a sad reminder that America’s Greatest Generation is slipping away.


See more photos:
World War II veterans walk parade route
Iraqi vet Barth Berry
Uncle Sam
The elected officials
U.S. Army veteran Gov. Bob McDonnell on Veterans Day: ‘Our liberty depends upon their sacrifice’

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell
2012 Veterans Day Parade
November 10, 2012

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  • MD Russ


    I alway enjoy your photo essays. Thanks for posting this one. May Mr. Hite Rest In Peace. You are right–the Greatest Generation is slipping away from us. I have seen estimates that between 700 to 900 are passing away every single day. I hope that we in the following generation, the Baby Boomers, have the same sense of love of country and selfless devotion to the republic.

  • Tom James

    Now we need to show them how much we really care and bring them home.

    Then fix the obscene VA Health system for the nearly million killed and injured in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Plus stop waiting until they die before we above there benefits.

    Shut down the VA system run by corrupt incompetent govt and go to a voucher system where vets can see the doctor of their choice and get the medication they need not just the generics the “VA approves”

    But that takes more than a parade and flag waving.

    For more on this topic watch “Born on the fourth of July” it is happening everyday at a VA near you.

    • MD Russ


      Would you care to provide some documentation of your “nearly million killed and injured in Iraq and Afghanistan?” I do hope that you are not basing that assertion on the Johns Hopkins study that was published in Lancet in 2006. The authors were academically sanctioned after peer review found their methodology to be flawed to the point of outright fabrication. Most reputable estimates place the 10-year count at between 109,000 and 130,000, including insurgents, combatants, and terrorists.

      Additionally, as a retired veteran I take great exception to your use of the Veterans Day observance as cheap and bogus leftist political whine.

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