Poll: Of the Republicans running for governor, who is more electable?

Norm posted yesterday that, in the wake of Election 2012, Lt. Governor Bill Bolling posits that “electability” is the most important quality of a GOP candidate – especially running for governor.

So, we pose the question to you? Of those running for governor, who is more electable?

Of the Republicans running for governor, who is more electable?

  • Bill Bolling (52%, 969 Votes)
  • Ken Cuccinelli (47%, 872 Votes)
  • Other (2%, 31 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,872

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  • Let’s stop questioning whether Romney was electable or whether we made the wrong choice. It’s extremely difficult to beat an incumbent President offering free crap to the pinhead masses. I supported Mitt and if given the opportunity to choose again, I’d still choose Mitt.

  • Another rigged and useless poll. Bolling runs an ad blitz on Facebook, bumps his numbers, Cooch starts an ad and the insider at BD ends the poll..

  • Frankly, I think that Bill Bolling would be more acceptable for a broader range of Virginians than Cuccinelli. Mind you, I like BOTH of them and am glad that they are in Virginia Government. I think that what ought to be done is to dispense with the convention, Bolling runs for Governor, Cuccinelli runs for Lt. Governor and they try to get Judge Judy Jagdmann, currently on the State Coporation Commission, to run for Attorney General (a post she has already held). Four years later, Cuccinelli runs for Governor, Jagdmann runs for Lt. Governor and another Republican runs for Attorney General. At that time, if Republicans have reclaimed the White House, Bolling could seek a White House post or look at an eventual run for US Senator.

  • Guy

    If Bolling is the nominee he will get crushed.

  • Ed
  • Fred

    ANOTHER DAMN TIE RACE – can’t see here where to vote – I’m for KC

  • Ryan Thomas

    We have a good list of candidates to chose from. We all have favorites but let’s remember to come together after the convention. I will bust my tail off the same for either Ken or Bill and everyone down ticket. I encourage us all to take that approach. We can’t let the dems win the Governorship and other statewide offices. So even if our guy does not win at the convention, get behind the eventual nominee and push hard. I will refuse to bad mouth any of the candidates and will not give the Washington CommunistPost any fodder.

  • Lynn M

    Ken Cuccinelli is a man of honor and principle. If we learned anything for Romney’s election, it is the going to “Moderate” route does not work..it will be a tie to the doom of Virginia. I will vote for Mr. Cuccinelli again in a heartbeat. (and praying our votes are honest and fair with no rigged computers either!!) If a man can’t win honestly, then he doesn’t deserve to serve in the office. Our votes are BY THE PEOPLE ..(not by the computer!)

  • Mark Justice


    • CC


  • CC

    You left out Tareq Salahi, who has also announced his candidacy for the G-O-P nomination and is running a very strong, active campaign.

  • I support Ken Cuccinelli. I respect Bill Bolling but he is not the kind of candidate that will win a dog fight. Ken has proven himself to be a smart conservative stalwart both as a State Senator and as AG. He doesn’t just act as a quiet conservative flower hoping for change he takes the fight to the left and will take the fight to whoever happens to be the Democrat nominee. I’m really excited about Cuccinelli for Governor!

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