Boehner and McConnell: NO TAX HIKES

The lines are now drawn very clearly:

One issue I’ve never been conflicted about is taxes. I wasn’t sent to Washington to raise anybody’s taxes to pay for more wasteful spending and this election doesn’t change my principles. This election was a disappointment, without doubt, but let’s be clear about something: the House is still run by Republicans, and Republicans still maintain a robust minority in the Senate. I know some people out there think Tuesday’s results mean Republicans in Washington are now going to roll over and agree to Democrat demands that we hike tax rates before the end of the year. I’m here to tell them there is no truth to that notion whatsoever.


Boehner has equally dug in.  So the mood of Washington Republicans is pretty emphatic at this point — tax hikes are off the table until President Obama and the Democrats propose real spending cuts.

Seems like there’s plenty of fight in the dog.  Prepare for a long winter.


  • Kumbaya didn’t last long.

    • No reason for it to. Nothing changed. If anything, the election showed that the electorate is more divided than ever.

      • Wally Erb

        That’s pretty dismal, J.R. If nothing has changed, then we really are at extremis. If the house can’t be more flexible, the White House will rain down blame on the House. Come the mid-term election, it may clear the House of a Republican majority. It’s time for House Republicans break away from the House power brokers and put country before party.

        • Interesting how “putting country before party” always means abandoning the principles one believes are best for the country and embracing those principles which are destroying the country. If these men and women weren’t re-elected to stonewall, for what were they re-elected? They all had to run on some issues, so if they cave, they will be slapping their constituents in the face. Everyone says they want bipartisan solutions, but what they really want is the other party to agree with them.

  • Jonathan Mallard

    This whole thing comes down to what 5 ‘people’ think: Obama, Boehner, McConnell, Reid, and Mr. Market.

    In my opinion, Mr. Market thinks there will be an agreement. If there isn’t, he’ll get quite upset and cause lots of collateral damage.

    Once that happens, I think the other 4 guys will reach an agreement pretty quickly, because until he’s placated on this issue, Mr. Market will cause additional widespread collateral damage.

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