The fallout in Virginia

Leaving the wake that was supposed to be the Republican victory party in Richmond last night, I asked my colleague Shaun Kenney his thoughts on what the election results might mean for Virginia’s political class. We came up with some rough ideas, but one thing is clear to me: the Romney loss in Virginia, coupled with the Allen Senate loss, means that the Republican Advance being held in Virginia Beach at the end of the month will be absolutely fascinating.

That idea solidified for me as Scott Lee and I were leaving the Omni Hotel. On our way out, we ran into Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

He was smiling.

  • Why is that man smiling? I believe the losses Republicans suffered yesterday can and should be laid at his feet. Every year, the Democrats trot out the “Republicans” want to control a woman’s body” charge. Until 2012, it was an largely a canard. This election cycle, that tired charge became fresh and real because of actions in the General Assembly, actions by the Attorney General, and the unbelieveable gaffes by candidates in Colorado and Indiana.
    The future of the Republican Party depends on accepting defeat legislatively on divisive cultural issues and becoming the party that presents a fair and responsible plan to reduce the size of government, reform entitlements and limit the drag on free enterprise posed by excessive taxation and regulation.

  • Christopher Stearns

    I’ll have a lot to say at the RPV Advance this year. Hopefully, some folks will actually listen to what I have to say.

    • Me too. A lowly non-unit member. But I will be telling all who will listen why I’m a hard working non-unit member. Don’t expect anyone to listen.

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