Ready for the numbers that will anger you this morning?

Obama 2008: 69,456,897 votes.
Obama 2012: 59,911,096 votes.

McCain 2008: 59,934,814 votes.
Romney 2012: 57,223,172 votes

You read that right.  McCain outperformed Romney.


  • So turnout was lower, especially on the Democrat side. That is what I was expecting, but I did think that Romney would outperform McCain.

  • Jessica Sandlin

    And I hope we take responsibility and fix it starting now. Disorganized on the ground and a message crafted to repel- we CAN do better- but we’ll need an overhaul. And for the love, bring in the tent-edge scrabblers: the LGBT hangers-on because they believe in fiscal conservatism, the immigrants (maybe illegal!) who believe in the Republican party’s past, the anti-fracking wind energy lovers, even the pro-choice youngsters who may yet rethink that viewpoint. I want them all! Invite them in,or watch the tent disappear.

  • Dave

    night the vote for President in the District of Columbia was 222,332 to
    17,337. Just something to ponder when you think about America’s
    future… As far as Virginia Beach goes I stopped thinking we had a chance to truly get organized years ago. When the media talks about the Virginia Beach Republican “Machine” I just cringe and hope that folks never discover the truth of just how disorganized we really are. After 20 years I’ve yet to see a coordinated effort to fill city wide offices with republicans. However, if Virginia Beach creates an organization like what the democrats have done in parts of Ohio & Florida please let me know and I’ll be one of the first into the fray again.

  • Dry Viking

    So the solution is to become Democrats? Just move over to their positions?
    What is the point of that? If we drop our values to be “like the popular guys” we lose as the conservatives will leave and few Democrats will come join the “Democrat Lite” party.
    Go ahead and blame the moral issues for the loss. They are the reason, but they are the basis for who we are fiscally as well. Wealth redistribution is not fair nor just.
    Fiscal conservatism doesn’t exist in a vacuum, It is the logical outgrowth of an ideology based in Judeo Christian culture. The problem is that our culture has radically changed. It elected precisely what it wanted. The American people think that Karl Marx is a hero and the George Washington was a bad guy. That is what we spend our money to have taught to our children and they have learned it well. ( a few years ago I had the opportunity to address an AP History class of seniors at a high school here in VB that had been studying the Civil War. I asked them which party the slaveholders belonged to. The all responded: “republican”. Their teacher nodded approvingly.)
    There are fewer and fewer traditional Patriots each year and they will continue to die off. you say work hard and create them. Where are these new Patriots to come from?
    Our families?
    If you didn’t notice last year almost half of all live births in America were bastards. What family life will they have to develop them? The statistics are clear that the biggest predictor of criminal behavior, violence, early sex and a life of poverty is being raised in a fatherless household. The statistics for children raised by homosexuals is similarly bleak. These kids are walking timebombs and not prospective Republicans. Every year there will be more of them.
    Our churches?
    Fewer and fewer attend and those that do (at least the Catholics) don’t believe what their church teaches and there is no church discipline. Hence, the majority of Catholic voters were Nancy Pelosi Catholics. Worse, is that most churches no longer teach what they used to believe.
    Our schools?
    They are predominantly indoctrination institutions. We pay our taxes and college tuition to teach the opposite of what we want them to learn. Go figure.
    Home school while you can, the new SCOTUS will soon outlaw that and probably private schools soon after. All must be part of the collective and at increasingly earlier ages. The Jacobins are in charge now “citizen”.
    The culture of Wally Cleaver and Andy Griffith has gone away we now have the new Lindsay Lohan culture. Unless we change the culture we only lose by changing our positions to suit them.
    But you fiscal conservatives will probably alienate the moral conservatives and be left with a smaller but gayer party.

    • Dan

      Fiscal conservatism is rooted in Judeo-Christian values? Awesome. I guess that this agnostic social libertarian must enjoy budget deficits after all!

      As long as there is a religious litmus test in the Republican Party–and attitudes such as those reflected here in this post predominate the party–the Republican Party will find itself increasingly isolated in statewide and national elections. is beginning to backfire.

  • Loudoun GOPer

    I am so tired of hearing people say that Republicans should abandon conservative social issues. Have the Democrats abandoned their social issues??

    – We had gay marriage referendums on the ballot this year.
    – We had referendums to legalize marijuana on the ballot this year.
    – We have an administration that is trying to force religious institutions to provide free birth control and abortion services.
    – We have protests against Christmas displays at court houses.
    – We have constant efforts to promote “social justice” by forcing people to change the way they live.

    For two straight presidential elections, conservatives were forced to support the “moderate” candidate. John McCain didn’t run on social issues, and was pro-illegal immigration and he got destroyed. Mitt Romney was pro-choice as Gov. of MA and was still attacked as “waging a war on women.”

    Conservative values didn’t lose the race last night. What lost this race was the lack of an effective ground game by the Republicans.

    The Republican party has been an abject failure at trying to expand our list of Red states. States like IA, PA, WI, and OH, should all be reliable “R” states. Even Michigan and Minnesota should go from reliable Democrat states to battlegrounds. The Democrats in those states are more center-right Democrats. They are Reagan Democrats that have been abandoned by the national party. Why Republicans have not made greater efforts in those states is something I will never understand.

    West Virginia gets it. They had only voted for a Republican for president twice in about 70 years before Al Gore and his war on coal. Now, even though Democrats still rule the statehouse, WV is a reliable 5 electoral votes in our column. If WV can get it, these other states can.

    In 2005, after losing to Bush a second time, the Democrats launched a MASSIVE voter identification and outreach effort in VA, and they have been reaping the rewards ever since. They have managed to turn VA from reliably “R” to a swing state. We need to do the same thing to turn VA back, and to start fighting this battle in states the Dems are counting on, instead of fighting the battle on our turf.

    We need to win the hearts and minds of these Reagan Democrats and bring them to our side, not by abandoning our beliefs and positions, but by demonstrating to them how their party has move to the extreme left and no longer represents them.

  • Not Larry Sabato

    Shaun, there’s millions of mail in votes, etc. that haven’t been counted yet. Romney will end up above McCain and by at least a million or two.

  • Patricia Hoeft

    Obama 2008 outperformed Obama 2012 too. Fewer votes cast all of the way around. That is what makes me sick. It has gotten easier to cast a vote, and we end up with fewer people voting. It isn’t the difficulty/ease of voting that is the problem there.

  • Susan

    Give up the anti-abortion litmus test for all candidates and stop trying to kick out the Mexicans and compromise on taxes and you’ll come roaring back.

    • If you want to lose votes, nominate a candidate that supports continuing abortion-on-demand policies and remove the pro-life plank from the GOP platform.

      I am all for comprehensive and sensible immigration reform.

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