Perkins: Connolly snub of veterans has backfired

I had the opportunity to chat with Chris Perkins, the GOP nominee in the 11th congressional district, on the state of his race against incumbent Democrat Gerry Connolly. If you recall, Perkins and I discussed what has become a hot button issue in their contest, namely, Gerry Connolly’s insistence that Perkins’ long years of military service really didn’t matter. Or, as Gerry said in this interview:

[Perkins] has no credentials in the community since he retired in the military. If you want to run for office, surely you want to show you are a civic leader, run for your homeowner’s association, a local board, volunteer in the county. He hasn’t done any of that…

In this interview, we learn that Gerry’s glib dismissal of a veteran’s service to his country has energized local Republicans. Perkins also lets us know that he will be among those introducing Mitt Romney at a rally this afternoon at George Mason University. Doors open at 12:30 and the event begins at 2:45. Ticket information, directions and more can be found here.