Unemployment Rises – Obama Falling

The Obama campaign suffered another lethal blow today with the national unemployment report of a rise in unemployment on the doorsteps of Election Day.

Unemployment rose to 7.9%, higher than when Obama took office and evidence that four years of Obama’s leadership has taken our economy nowhere but backwards.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said, “Today’s unemployment report is a stark reminder that President Obama’s economic policies are failing. America needs a new direction. When President Obama took office, unemployment stood at 7.8%, and today it is 7.9%”

Obama’s plan has been nothing more than more of the same, added Cantor, saying “more regulation, higher taxes and bigger government. So long as President Obama’s policies remain, so will the negative results.”

This is a crushing report, especially in the states where the campaigns are centering their efforts, like Pennsylvania, where Obama is being outspent by Romney et al $11 million to $2 million. Obama won PA by 10 points in 2008, but it’s a toss up now, according to Real Clear Politics.

Rising unemployment is just the thing that could tip PA to Romney’s side. It’s not an ideological state. It’s a blue collar, “who can put me to work” state.

Can’t find a President who won re-election with rising unemployment in his face. Will Obama make history or be history?