Obama’s Insulting Message to Women Voters

Image via CWA blog: http://www.cwalac.org/cwblog/?tag=lady-smarts
Today, the blogsphere and twitterverse and facebookland are abuzz with the President’s latest ad aimed at “first time” female voters. WARNING: it is sexually suggestive. But is this message merely tasteless, or does it actually reveal something more?

Now, I’m old enough to remember “boxers or briefs” being the most undignified question answered on television by a President, so I’ll admit to not being a first time voter this year. But if I had a little sister who was, I’d have some questions for her.

I’d ask her if she feels demeaned by being told the President will make sure she doesn’t have to pay for her birth control, but he has no plan to grow the economy so she can get a good job when she graduates from college?

If she does manage to get a job, Obama wants to make sure she has abortion insurance, but his energy policy will cause gas prices to “necessarily skyrocket” so she will have a hard time affording to get to and from work, let alone hang out with her friends on the weekend. How will that affect her life?

If she starts her own business and it is successful, he’ll take the money she might have spent to hire employees and expand her business – because those who prosper never “build it” on their own and always need to “give a little more.”

I’d ask her if she could get away with blaming all the messes in the house on her brother who moved out four years ago?

I’d ask her how long she thought she might be able to ignore paying her credit card bill before her card got declined? And if the President didn’t have a plan for paying down the nation’s debt, was he being responsible?

I’d ask her why Obama thinks she can be persuaded to think with her lady parts, rather than the brain the good Lord gave her?

I’d ask her what she thinks of older men around town who take advantage of the inexperience of younger women without any intention of standing by them later on? (because while he might be your first time, you certainly aren’t his – and long after he’s gone you’ll still be paying for his spendthrift policies)

Finally, I’d ask her if she knows that the President won’t respect her in the morning? (because he doesn’t really think of her as individual – she’s just part of one voting bloc he assumes he can take for granted)

And after I finished asking my sister about the messages in this ad, I’d have one more question, this time for Barack Obama:
Mr. President, you often talk about improving America’s image around the world; exactly how do you think THIS ad improves the perception of the United States in general – and your presidency specifically – in the Middle East?

A message for all my sisters out there:
Vote with your lady smarts – all the “free” birth control in the world doesn’t do you any good if you are living in your parents basement ten years from now because you STILL can’t get a job commensurate with your education and skills.


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