Friday Whine and Cheese: Carry me Barack to ol’ Virginny…

The day after Barack Obama was elected in 2008, by part in being the first Democrat to carry Virginia since LBJ, then Governor Tim Kaine proclaimed “Ol’ Virginny is Dead” an allusion to his party’s racist and segregationist past.

Unfortunately for Kaine, Virginia wasn’t dead, she was just sleeping, perhaps just exhausted from Kaine’s incessant attempts to raise taxes. That proved to be true as Republicans dominated in the 2009, 2010 and 2011 election cycles.

Now as poll after poll shows Mitt Romney surging to a comfortable, but not-to-be-taken-for-granted lead, it looks like the Obama campaign may be conceding defeat in Virginia. Earlier this week, Norm wrote Has the Obama campaign written off Virginia? Sure, he’s making another appearance in Northern Virginia, but Rick notes that spending for political ads has been cut back this week in Virginia and says “given all the appearances by Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in the Old Dominion lately, I’d guess it’s the Obama camp that’s reducing its spending here.”  And again, Norm writes, It would appear that Tim Kaine is on his own in Virginia.

If this is the case, it’s sad news for Obama’s Cheerleader-in-Chief who was the first governor to endorse and Obama’s hand pick chair of the Democrat National Committee.

At Thursday night’s final Senate debate in Blacksburg, Tim Kaine said “if we need more revenue… I’ll ask for it.”

We already know that Tim knows how to ask for new taxes. He tried to raise them on people making as little as $17,000 per year.

We also know that when Tim Kaine was Governor, Virginia lost 100,000 jobs.

We know that as DNC chair, Tim like to go around calling Republicans corrosive, the Donner party and the Tea Bagger party, yet he tries to tell us he can work with the other side.

But Tim couldn’t even work with his own side to get his budget passed.

When this campaign started, Kaine challenged Allen to a dozen debates. Last night in Blacksburg, with his microphone still live, he said to George Allen, “I’m glad this is the last one.”

Tim knows that no, Virginia is not dead.

But his campaign just might be.

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