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Photos … 10,000+ at Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan Fishersville Rally


The stage for Thursday’s Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan rally in Fishersville, Virginia, had the Blue Ridge Mountains as a backdrop, and a crowd that was estimated at more than 10,000. Cars were backed up for five miles on I-64 and supporters were reporting that it took two hours to go three miles. Gates were closed at capacity and the overflow sat on a hill that overlooked the stage.


Susan Allen worked her way through supporters and also spoke during the rally. Some of the biggest cheers during the night were for George Allen.




 National media covered the event.




 Country music star Trace Adkins










 The press area after dark.














 The evening ended with fireworks against the dark Shenandoah Valley sky.


Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Lt. Governor Bill Bolling, Trace Adkins






After the rally, Mitt Romney walked into the crowd and began shaking hands with supporters. He spent a good 10-15 minutes doing that as the media stood on stage with their cameras aimed toward the ground to catch his movement through the crowd.






Susan Allen represented her husband, U.S. Senate candidate George Allen, and got huge cheers from the crowd when she mentioned her husband’s name. George Allen is loved in the Shenandoah Valley.


 Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling was introduced by Susan Allen and gave a rousing, “Hello, Shenandoah Valley!” His booming voice rallied the troops.




 Carl Cameron with Fox News Channel

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