Friday Whine and Cheese: When Will Tim Kaine Apologize?

After Tim Kaine faltered in the Fairfax debate and the world knew once again that Tim Kaine never met a tax he couldn’t hike, Kaine’s big labor buddies came out with a nasty totally false ad campaign against George Allen this week.

Shaun talks about it here.

Tom at Virginia Right! put together this awesome video:

Seriously? George Allen has been talking jobs and energy and freedom for almost two years and all Kaine has is “macaca?”

Look, let’s spell it out one more time. “Macaca” was a bad attempt at humor that failed miserably. Allen both apologized and more than paid the price for that.

But when is Tim Kaine going to apologize for his transgressions?

When will he aplogize for Jens Soering?

Upon Leaving The Virginia Governor’s Office In 2010, Kaine Approved Soering’s Transfer Request, Which Would Mean The Convicted Murderer Would Be Sent To His Native Country Of Germany. Gov. Tim Kaine has asked the U.S. Department of Justice to approve the transfer of Jens Soering — who is serving two life sentences for the 1985 murders of a Bedford County couple — to a prison in his native Germany. (The Roanoke Times)

When will he apologize for abuser fees?

When will he apologize for the $3.5 billion budget gap left for the McDonnell administration to fix due to incompetent revenue estimates by Governor Tim Kaine.

When will he apologize for closing the Commonwealth’s rest stops?

When will he apologize for proposing a $2 billion tax increase?

The Tax Increase Under Kaine’s Budget Proposal Would Be A $2 Billion-A-Year Income Tax Increase. “Virginia’s hated local car tax would be replaced with a $2 billion-a-year income tax increase under the new budget Gov. Timothy M. Kaine presented Friday.” (Bob Lewis and Dena Potter, “Va. Gov: End Car Tax, Raise Income Tax 1 Percent,” The Associated Press, 12/18/09)

And, perhaps most of all, when will he apologize for being a part-time Governor for the last two years of his administration while out campaigning for Barack Obama, cheerleading Obamacare, and “just doing what the President wants me to do?”

C’mon Tim. Who’s sorry now?

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