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Friday Whine and Cheese: It wasn’t a very funny week

Can you spot the President?

A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance.
Ecclesiastes 3:4

The Last Ward is supposed to bring a little levity to the end of the week. Sometimes I hit the mark. Sometimes not.

But it hasn’t been a very funny week. Tuesday, we commemorated the 11th Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Then that evening we heard the news that an Al Qaeda mob storms the U.S. Embassy in Cairo.

The U.S. Embassy apologized, to the attackers.

Mitt Romney criticized the apology.

Barack Obama and the media criticized Mitt Romney before finally getting around to condemning the attacks. Never mind that news reports are telling us that the State Department had 48 hours warning before the attacks in Libya.

Then the President flew off to Las Vegas for a fundraiser.

We also learn that while the President will have time to appear on David Letterman next week, he won’t have time while in New York to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu even offered to come to DC.

“Too busy.”

Of course he’s too busy. Too busy not having intelligence briefings or meeting with his jobs council.

Yet, in an email today we learned that the President will have time to hang out with Beyonce and Jay Z “for an evening in NYC sometime soon.”

And, while the world is in flames, Barack Obama still wants to tweet about Mitt Romney’s taxes.


It’s a crazy world we live in. And we need to be reminded that extremists hate us just because of who we are. They don’t want our understanding of their religion. They don’t want our friendship.

They want us dead.

Christians in this country get a lot of grief for what we believe, much of it coming from the President’s own party. But when Catholics get criticized for standing up for life, or Southern Baptists get criticized for standing up for traditional marriage we don’t go out and kill in retaliation.

We go out for a chicken sandwich.

Meanwhile Nanny Bloomberg has banned 32 oz. sodas and Michelle Obama thinks obesity is a threat to national security. [3]

Like I said, there’s not a lot of funny this week.

If you want some comic relief, turn on the major news media. As Erick Erickson said over at RedState: The American Media Beclowned Themselves Yesterday [4]

Maybe next week things will get funny again. But if Barack Obama wins a second turn, we can expect mourning in America.