Friday Whine and Cheese: Resnarking the DNC

You’ll have plenty of time to read, re-read, or re-watch the speeches from the convention. Here’s our DNC photo recap with a little help from photoshop, Facebook friends and a few others.

We think our version is better.

H/T Net Right Daily

Michelle Obama felt the need to reintroduce the country to her husband, like we hadn’t got to know him all to well over the past four years.

On the second night, the Democrats celebrated abortion, left out God and Israel, and then put them back in…reluctantly. [Godless Democrats in Charlotte]

On the same night they “celebrated” women, the DNC honored Ted Kennedy’s memory, Bill Clinton gave the keynote speech and Monica Lewinsky’s Rabbi gave the Benediction.

I swear on a stack of DNC platforms, we are not making this up.

And about that Clinton speech…

Meanwhile, the President Arrived in Charlotte in Style.

But the Vice President had a little more trouble getting there, and he didn’t make it for prime time.

The Democrats had sought to recreate the magic (and perhaps the styrofoam columns) of Denver, but blaming it on the rain, they moved their final event from the 75,000 seat Panther Stadium back inside to the 20,000 (or so) seat arena.

The President offered this explanation…which was pretty much the underlying context of his whole speech (not to mention his whole Presidency).

Finally, while the RNC had a surprise guest, it appears the DNC had one of their own. We didn’t know Howard Dean was going to speak…

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