Paul Ryan And Chris McMurray In Roanoke This Morning

This morning, in the back lot of Northwest Hardware, Senators Ralph Smith and Steve Newman spoke to a large crowd. Followed by Rep Morgan Griffith who introduced Paul Ryan. Ryan brought to the stage with him Chris McMurray of Radford’s Crumb and Get It Cookie Company. The crowd was ecstatic. Chris had brought cookies for everyone.

I had a cohort on the front row taking pictures and video with her Blackberry, you’ll get those later when we can move them to this machine. I’m writing a short bit about it, but for now here’s some photos. (As always, clicking on the pic will make it big enough for even me to see.)

As the crowd gathers…

Senator Newman

Senator Smith

Representative Griffith

Chris McMurray Founder of Crumb and Get It

And your next Vice President, Paul Ryan

That’s it for now, but I’ve got exclusive Bearing Drift videos pending along with a more extensive report.