Why are liberals so unhappy, mean and depressed?

Liberals could try smiling. Maybe.

It just doesn’t seem like they are happy about anything anymore. The Party of so-called openness and tolerance has become a shrill, whiny, hateful depressed bag of wind.

Democrats used to simply be incompetent, but at least they meant well. They were horribly incorrect in their solutions, but they wanted to do the right things.

Democrats used to campaign for “world peace” – pretty good for getting votes of hippies and viewers of televised beauty pageants. But their way of getting there (disarm America and hope Russia does, too) was looney enough for voters to laugh them right to the losing side of the election totals.

Now, liberals don’t even bother to have good intentions anymore.

Look at the Chick-Fil-A disaster for Democrats. Looney lefties declared war on the restaurant chain because its owner supports traditional man-woman marriage. Democrat Mayors claimed to want the restaurants shut down. Weinie college types have started kicking Chick-Fil-A off of their college campuses.

Such intolerance in the name of tolerance, eh? It’s scary how close their lockstep comes to a goosestep. Agree with liberals, or you are out of business – permanently!

Liberals have always loved their social programs, but it used to be that the worse campaign attack on Republicans was that the reduction in cost increases was a cut in funding.

Oh, the good ol’ days when Democrats weren’t insane.

Because now any reform for any social program and Republicans are accused of murder.

Not just regular old murder, where someone lost a job, and his wife eventually died of cancer, even though she had health insurance through her own job, the fact that her husband lost his job was enough to have him accuse Mitt Romney of murdering his wife.

Hmmmm…with 8 percent unemployment, that would make Barack Obama the Jim Jones of the 21st Century (or 20th Century if you’re Joe Biden).

No, this is wheeling grandma off of a cliff kind of murder that liberals spew in accusatory fashion when one of their programs faces the least bit of reform.

This is a new breed of liberal, full of bile and hate and scum. To them, every man who likes women is a homophobic bigot who should be convicted of hate crimes every time he admires a bikini with someone in it not named Steve.

It’s an odd morality of the left. They applaud a womanizer like Bill Clinton cheating with women his entire career, but let a Chick-Fil-A CEO support marriage, and liberals want him fired.

Liberals applaud everything from abortions to single motherhood, and want government supporting that, but have a real problem supporting a man and a woman who are married and raising their own family. No program from the left for that.

These liberals are only interested in “reproductive rights” if you’re aborting that baby.

What fuels such inner hatred on the left? I don’t want to get all Dr. Phil here, but why do liberals have so little happiness?

They have so little confidence in Americans.

They don’t want Americans to plan for themselves, work for themselves, have opinions for themselves. They prefer government making the rules, whether Americans like it or not.

They don’t trust businesses. They don’t trust job creators. They don’t trust people like you and me to make decisions and run our own lives.

“You didn’t build that” – and liberals wouldn’t let you if you tried.

Basically, they don’t like most Americans, who work hard and raise a family and would just like the knowledge that they are free to succeed or fail from their own efforts and sweat, rather than government telling them which categorical box they check and what program they qualify for.

No – instead, the Vice-President of the United States accuses Mitt Romney of wanting to put Southerners “IN CHAINS.”

The liberalism of John F. Kennedy, who promoted economic growth in his first debate with Nixon in 1960, and Tip O’Neill, a Democrat Speaker of the House who proclaimed that Republicans and Democrats were “all friends after 6 pm,” is over.

Today’s liberal is sad, hateful, depressed and mean.

I hope America doesn’t reward that.

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