WaPo’s Laura Vozzella Sure Knows How To Slant The News!

Longtime readers of the Baltimore Sun will instantly recognize the caustic and unpopular Laura Vozzella as the cheerleader for all things leftist.  NewsBusters has a pretty long rap sheet on this “reporter” and her perennial hatred for all things Republican.

Perhaps she was beaten with a Goldwater ’64 program as a child?  But I digress…

…because when epic left-wing hate meets the anti-George Allen proclivities of the Washington Post… well, the marriage is just too damn sweet:

Former senator George Allen (R) on Monday joined the bipartisan chorus criticizing Rep. Todd Akin for comments suggesting that rape rarely results in pregnancy.

“I strongly disapprove of his original comments — and the sentiments behind them,” Allen, who is locked in a tight Senate race with former Democratic governor Timothy M. Kaine, said in a prepared statement. “Having served on a Rape Crisis Board many years ago, I saw how both physically and emotionally harmful rape is for its victims, and this is why I believe there should be an exception [for abortion] for rape.”

Very good, right?

But as a senator eight years ago, Allen voted to confirm a federal judge who years earlier, in terms even starker than Akin’s, had dismissed the notion that rape can result in pregnancy.

Do whaaaaaaaa???

Lemme get this straight.  How the hell do we get from “everyone hates Akin right now” to the DSCC talking point of judicial nominees?




Oh who the hell are we kidding?

Let’s magically whisk ourselves away to the inner sanctum of the Bearing Drift Intelligence Center (BDIC) where the imagined conversation must have occurred:

Vozzella:  “So I’m working on a story about Allen and rape.”
Kaine campaign:  “Rape?!  Oh do tell…”
Vozella: “Nah — waiting to drop some insinuation about that in October.  But seriously, how do I put him on this Akin stuff without really pinning him on it?”
Kaine campaign: *flips through pages*
Vozella: “Any luck?”
Kaine campaign:  “Um… how’s about judges who are pro-life?”
Vozella: “I’LL TAKE IT!!!!!”

…and the rest was  400-600 words and a half awake editor, and voila! — the classic Washington Post hit piece on their favorite whipping boy, George Allen!

Of course, Virginians aren’t Marylanders — we see through this crap for what it is.  How the heck does a WaPo reporter magically produce some obscure judicial appointment at the drop of a hat that we all know the DNC, DSCC, and Tim Kaine will be harping on in about six second in an e-mail entitled “OUTRAGEOUS!!!11!!!” where we are all must drown in a river of Mike Henry’s tears about how outside money is pouring in oh crap Allen’s raised more in-state than Kaine Kaine is being outspent in this race and we all must donate $3 to turn the tide, blah blah blah…

Does anyone doubt for a nanosecond that this isn’t a set up?  All that’s missing is the wink and the nod, for Christ’s sake.

Seriously, the Washington Post could try assigning a reporter to this job, you know…

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