Friday Whine and Cheese: The Obama/Biden/Kaine Machine Jumps the Shark Week

Face it, the left is coming unglued. Just watch them on the campaign trail. They’re desperate. They know they have no story to tell, or at least that they want to tell, so they resort to spreading lies and nastiness about Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and George Allen.

They’ve jumped the shark.

Consider Gaffe-President Joe Biden

Gone with the Windbag?

Alton speculated earlier this week that Joe Biden would be thrown under the bus. And that was before he rode that bus to some outrageous statements in Virginia.

First he told the good folks of Danville, “We can win in North Carolina.” To which the good folks of Danville said, “So?”

But it gets better, Biden went on to say Romney’s “gonna let the big banks once again write their own rules,” Biden shouted. “Unnnn-chain Wall Street,” he exclaimed with pulpit bravado.“They’re gonna put y’all back in chains,” the pasty Delaware wheeler-dealer faux-drawled. Extra-emphasis on the “y’all.” [H/T Michelle Malkin]

The Obama camp, and their media accomplices tried to spin it away. But America’s first African American Governor, Doug Wilder said, “Why did he feel the need to do that? Did he feel that these people were so dumb that he had to appeal to them with something like that? You can forgive people for gaffes, but there comes a time when you realize you’re forgiving the same guy for making the same mistakes.”

Wilder is right. It’s a BFD.

And Crazy Uncle Joe Biden is just the gift that keeps on giving. We don’t have the bandwidth to point out all of his outrageous statements. And indeed there have been calls to drop him from the ticket, he’s a liability. But the White House has said “We’re stuck with Biden.”

Governor Bobby Jindal says it best of all: Mitt Romney’s decision to pick Paul Ryan is not nearly as bold as Barack Obama’s decision to stick with Joe Biden.

Old Obama had a Farm Bill

The President isn’t faring much better. Face it. The selection of Paul Ryan has them all a little unnerved.

Earlier this week in Iowa, the President tried to call Paul Ryan out for holding up the farm bill. Thing is, the House has already passed an extension and Ryan voted for it.

Maybe the President was rattled over the fact that footage was found of the President saying about Paul Ryan’s budget “I think Paul [Ryan], for example, the head of the Budget Committee, has looked at the budget and has made a serious proposal. I’ve read it. I can tell you what’s in it. And there are some ideas in there that I would agree with but there are some ideas we should have a healthy debate about because I don’t agree with them…As I said before, this is an entirely legitimate proposal.” [H/T The Blaze]

Or maybe the President was also reminded of another failure this week. In 2009, the President and Mrs. Obama, accompanied by Her Royal Highness Oprah of Winfrey flew to Copenhagen in support of the bid by the City of Chicago to host the 2016 summer olympics. Chicago was the first city dropped from the voting.

Speaking of the Olympics

Michelle Obama appeared on Tonight Show with Olympic gymnast Gabrielle Douglas earlier this week. When Leno asked Douglas how she celebrated her win,

One of these women doesn’t need an Egg McMuffin. And one of them has two Olympic Gold Medals.

she said she didn’t have time because of preparing for the next competition, but she rewarded herself with an Egg McMuffin.

Mrs. Obama voiced her disapproval with “You’re setting me back, Gabby.”

Michelle Obama also carried on with the “Mitt Romney will give you cancer” meme when she said at a fundraiser, “this election is also a choice about the health of our families. We all know these stories — the grandparents who couldn’t afford their medications; the families going broke because a child got sick; the woman dying of cancer whose insurance company wouldn’t cover her care.”

Once again the left is trying to spin her out of it, but the message is clear “Mitt Romney will give you cancer.”

And we can’t leave out lil’ Timmay!

No, Lassie, he’s not in a well. But he is digging pretty deep.

Earlier this week, Tim Kaine apparently wanted someone to Carry Him Back to an Ol’ Virginny where Social Security EXCLUDED most women and minorities and preserved virtually all benefits for WHITE MEN!

As Brian Kirwin wrote: That’s what Tim Kaine is applauding today. August 14th, 1935, the Democrats passed a program that discriminated against nurses, teachers, domestic workers, librarians, farmers, and definitely spouses of those who did work.

George Allen points out Tim Kaine goes to great lengths to blame others and provides no solutions for Social Security, but we do know where Tim Kaine stands on Medicare. Unfortunately, as national chairman of the Democratic Party, he was a vocal advocate of the health care tax law he called a “great achievement” and proclaimed it “would be a great thing politically for the Dems.” A recent Congressional Budget Office report revealed the law could take over $700 Billion from Medicare to help pay for it.

Kaine also took an odd turn for someone who once misappropriated city funds to send buses to the Million Mom March. He announced his endorsement of Wayne Powell who is challenging House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in the 7th District.

You remember Powell? He’s the one whose campaign consultant said “We cannot win this campaign, cannot tell the story on Eric Cantor, if we don’t have bullets.”

The Democrat message machine is out of control. And the more out of control they get the more vile and hysterical their message becomes.

But hang on. We haven’t even hit Labor Day.

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