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The continued bloodletting of the Republican Party of Virginia

The bloodletting of the Republican Party in Virginia continues.

An article written at Blue Virginia by Paul Goldman, Democratic strategist to former Governors Mark Warner and Doug Wilder, offered pointed insight into what has recently been occurring in the Virginia GOP.

In his post, “Romney, Allen, McDonnell being sacrificed in Virginia GOP bloodletting,” [1] Goldman noted:

“The continuing RINO hunt [2] by the self-described anti-incumbent ‘real conservatives’ in the Virginia GOP is the developing big story in 2012 Virginia politics.”

After a series of circumstances that have included the unprecedented reversing of the previous State Central Committee’s vote from primary to convention in 2013 [3], an even more troubling event has transpired involving a post on a Facebook status that is directed at Republican Party of Virginia First Vice Chairman Mike Thomas [4]and those who voted for his reelection at a party meeting last weekend.

Because of it, many in the Republican Party who have spent years as volunteers and in grassroots leadership feel that the mean-spiritedness is reaching a crescendo.

Newly elected 3rd Congressional District Chairman Chris Stearns has an intimidating Facebook post on his Wall (see below) to threaten people who vote a certain way. The post, added by someone else but left in place by Stearns who “liked” it, suggests those who voted for Mike Thomas will be hunted down and somehow retaliated against in an unnecessary witch hunt.


Many believe that type of behavior is unprofessional and inappropriate for a district chairman who sits on the State Central Committee. Leadership requires winning the hearts and minds of people through hard work and actions, not strong-arm back room Machiavellian politics.

The anti-incumbent group should rethink going after fellow Republicans and concentrate their effort on more productive pursuits, a fact noted by Goldman:

“Except: As we know now, it is already August, and the RINO hunt by the ‘true conservatives’ continues, played out once again at today’s Republican state party meeting in contests for toothless, honorific party posts, with US vs THEM challenges.”

Goldman expressed surprise that Mike Thomas, campaign chairman for George Allen [6], was targeted in this battle:

“This kind of internal party feud — easily postponed until after November — is all DOWNSIDE for any Republican running this year. Believe it or not, one of the RINOs being targeted for defeat is actually the campaign manager to George Allen! Brilliant.”

Republican National Committeewoman Kathy Terry and National Committeeman Morton Blackwell have indirectly encouraged Stearns by rewarding this type of behavior with an appointment to the Platform Committee at RNC.

At a time when unity within the party is at stake, Goldman offers this chilling assessment:

“Let me say this: What is happening in the Virginia GOP right is the best possible news for the President, Tim Kaine, and Terry MAC, far more important than the polls and whatever.”

If we lose to Barack Obama and Tim Kaine in November, the blame can rest squarely on behavior such as displayed by Stearns.

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