Senator Louise Lucas Takes A Gamble

Louise Lucas has apparently exchanged the race card for the poker cards.

Especially, that is, if the General Assembly passes and the Governor approves, the latest legislation by Senator Louise Lucas.

Senator Lucas has prefiled legislation to allow casino gambling in localties where at least 40 percent of the property is exempt from local real estate taxes.

The catch? Only the Senator’s home base of Portsmouth and the City of Lexington qualify.

She wants to put the revenues into transportation, in much the same way that the Lottery monies go to public education (cough, cough).

Still, Lucas may have a point in that we have a state approved lottery as well as off track betting. But can she get this measure passed through a Republican dominated General Assembly?

And, even if they did pass her bill, would they allow the 40 percent property tax provision to stand, leaving only Portsmouth and Lexington (Lexington? Is anybody else seeing the irony here?) to qualify for the casinos?

Apparently if you’re Louise Lucas, what happens in Portsmouth, stays in Portsmouth.

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