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Beach Reading: The Latest Public Policy Polling numbers

[1]There’s something rotten in Durham. Okay, they’re in Raleigh, but work with me here.

Need some trash to read for the beach? Forget Fifty Shades of Grey, check out the latest polling numbers from Public Policy Polling [2].

Here’s what the poll says in a nutshell. Or a nutcase…

In Virginia where 8 out of 11 Congressmen are Republicans, where all top three state-wide offices are held by Republicans, where Republicans control both chambers of the General Assembly…Got that?

Barack Obama is up by 8 pts. over Mitt Romney.

Even better, independent candidate Virgil Goode takes 9% of the vote. Seriously?

Virgil’s not even on the ballot yet. But taking 9% roughly equals his getting every single vote in the 5th district. In 2008, he couldn’t even get half of them.

The poll has Bob McDonnell polling at about 41%. Every other major polling outfit shows McDonnell in the low 60s for approval ratings. The flippin’ needles are snapping off the BS detector on that one.

What’s the first problem with this poll? They ran it last week, July 5th-8th.

I wasn’t answering polls last week, were you? Some one million other residents were with out power and more were clearing out storm debris, or roasting hotdogs and seeing fireworks, or just trying to stay cool.

Dang, maybe now we know where the heat wave came from.

We’d tell you more about this poll, but there’s no geographic breakout.

Wonder. Why?

The poll is garbage. And in this heat, it really, really stinks.