Friday Whine and Cheese: We’re Doomed

Remember back when the movie Independence Day came out and people scoffed at the thought of Bill Clinton taking on the terrorists? Then it got all worse when Air Force One came out in 1997. At least George W. Bush was a pilot.

But what about now? What if we were attacked by aliens?

Sure National Geographic recently conducted a survey what said Two-Thirds of Americans think Obama is better suited to handle an alien invastion than Mitt Romney.


American weapons in the hands of Martian drug lords?

What are you people thinking?

Meanwhile, at the White House where it’s a tax or not a tax, and where their deficit is bad but ours is good and where Joe Biden is considered competent to be Vice President, the First Family took some time out to enjoy some fireworks.

Meanwhile, former President George W. Bush turns 66 today, and he’s no one to blame but himself.

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

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