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Daily Caller: ‘Mudcat’ Saunders Needs Bullets To Take Out Cantor

I kid you not:

“We cannot win this campaign, cannot tell the story on Eric Cantor, if we don’t have bullets.

Now read that again, folks.

Bullets, right?

Does Mudcat Saunders mean bullets like the ones that shot out windows at Cantor’s offices [1], perhaps?  Are those the sort of bullets Mudcat desires in his takedown of Eric Cantor?

Read the rest of The Daily Caller [2] piece and judge for yourself.  Keep in mind that Cantor — who is now forced to have a security detail thanks to his pro-Israel stance — has already seen this sort of violence before [3] and called out both DCCC Chair Chris Van Hollen and former DNC Chairman and current Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate Tim Kaine on such rhetoric and acts:

“Enough is enough.”

Congressman Cantor was right in 2010.  Cantor is right today.  Shame on Mudcat Saunders and Tim Kaine for fanning the flames with the rhetoric of violence.

Sadly, this is a common theme amongst the Democratic left.  We’ve seen it in violent “anti-war” protests against Bush.  We’ve seen it during the Occupy movement.  Joy Behar — always prone for attention — is now praying for Mitt Romney’s house to burn down [4].

Violent rhetoric?  Hate speech?  Is this the new modus operandi of the progressive movement?  And where, pray tell, are the voices within the Democratic Party calling out the rhetoric of hate?

They’re not there.

Absent.  Silent.  Granting consent, if the old Latin phrase still applies.

I look forward to the blabbering equivocation of leftists that will use any justification to excuse Mudcat Saunders’ rhetoric of violence… by all means, excuse away.  Who knows?  Maybe one of those bullets Mudcat was talking about will land where it is intended to land:

The campaign’s message against Cantor? “He screwed us, and us is pissed.”

“What he has done is sold out the 7th District and his country so that he could become majority leader and continue his march to the speakership,” Saunders said. “It’s all about Eric Cantor. It has nothing to with anything else.”