McAuliffe – Obama “excellent” on jobs

So, in the “you can’t make this up” category – they guy who wants to be your next governor of the commonwealth of Virginia – Terry McAuliffe said on today’s CBS Early Show:

“Anyone in politics would like to have great economic numbers. I would make the argument that we do have excellent numbers on job creation”

McAuliffe, in typical Obamaesque fashion, whipped out the old “Blame Bush” playbook, stating that the economy was losing jobs at a 750,000 jobs a month clip when Obama took office in 2009, but under the president’s leadership has shown job growth for 27 straight months.

You will hear that talking point from now until Election Day – guarantee it.

But for the 8.2% of Americans who are still out of work. For the millions who have flat out given up looking for work, giving us the lowest participation rate since 1981. And for an economy that should be well out of the recession and trucking along again, this is a shallow talking point at best.

Of course, McAuliffe is a trusted Clinton adviser, so shallow is the norm.

He can’t even get the talking points of the Obama administration totally right:

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