The Score this week: Virginia Victory, (big) labor troubles, defending the tea party

On this podcast edition of “The Score” radio show…

Scott Lee talks with Pete Snyder, chairman of Virginia Victory 2012 about his group’s efforts to help the GOP ticket win the commonwealth in November. A lot of it is old-fashioned campaigning — knocking on doors, making calls, distributing literature. But in recognition of just how wired today’s electorate is, Snyder’s group is using technology to reach those who’ve cut the land line, ditched cable and live in the cloud. Our own Andrew Schwartz previewed these efforts here.

I talk with Del. Barbara Comstock about Big Labor’s political ambitions in Virginia and nationwide. With the news that the WMAA’s chairman, Tim Kaine appointee and labor union official, Dennis Martire, has treated the board’s funds as his personal piggy bank (flashy trips to Sardinia? The last person I know who did something like that was former Tyco CEO Dennis Kozlowski…who is now a guest of the state), it’s a timely interview.

Our special correspondent Rick Sincere has an interview with Elizabeth Price Foley, a law professor and author of “The Tea Party: Three Principles.” Those three principles are: dedication to the Constitution, a strong belief in limited government, and the importance of national sovereignty. This isn’t a “how to” book on creating a tea party group of your own, or a history of the movement. Rather, Foley’s book is an attempt to bring what might seem to the casual observer as disparate ends together into a coherent intellectual narrative.

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