Transportation dollars low? It’s Democrats’ fault

I’m sick of hearing liberals whine about transportation funding being too low and complain that they aren’t paying enough for gas these days.

Like today’s Virginian-Pilot.

Seems the Pilot editorial board wishes we more more like North Carolina, with higher taxes and people who have decent newspapers that don’t hide stories about their white reporters getting assaulted in Norfolk Streets.

Well, if Pilot writers like Carolina so much, I got two words for them!

Move there!

But I digress. The point is that their editorial today actually tries to convince us that gas prices would be cheaper if the gas tax was raised!

Read that again.

Their editorial today actually tries to convince us that gas prices would be cheaper if the gas tax was raised!

Thursday morning, a gallon of regular gas was selling for $3.49 at a Shell station across the border in Moyock and $3.53 a gallon at a Shell in downtown Norfolk.

There’s nothing particularly noteworthy about that four-cent difference, except for this – North Carolina’s state gas tax is 38.9 cents a gallon, or 21.4 cents higher than Virginia’s state gas tax.

So the Pilot believes if only we had a higher gas tax in Virginia, our gas would be so much cheaper!

This is right up there with my daughter’s favorite Gallagher bit about shopping, and how you can go broke saving money.

But back to the title of this fun post. It’s Democrats’ fault.

It is. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and let’s see which Democrat candidates ran for Governor promising to raise gas taxes.

Deeds? No, he just wanted a table.
Kaine? No, a constitutional amendment for the fund first, which we still don’t have.
Warner? No, he actually said he wouldn’t raise taxes. Did anyway, but not for transportation.
Beyer? No, he promised no tax increases
Terry? No, she campaigned on avoiding tax increases.
Wilder? No, he even bragged about not raising taxes.
Baliles? No, he campaigned against raising taxes, but once elected, he raised 5 of them.

Governor McDonnell has done more for transportation that Mark Warner and Tim Kaine combined. But if you listen to Democrats, it’s Republicans who stand in the way on transportation funding.

Wrong! Democrats for Governor haven’t campaigned for a gas tax increase since it was last raised in the mid 80s.

If Democrats want to raise the gas tax so badly, then nominate a Democratic candidate for Governor who actually agrees with you and says so!