MSNBC’s Chris Matthews tells black preacher to “evolve”

I’m shocked. I’m outraged. I want to see Al Sharpton marching in the streets and calling for his boss, MSNBC, to fire Chris Matthews.

Matthews interviewed Bishop Harry Jackson, and when Matthews declared his opposition to gay marriage, Matthews attacked him.

Matthews told Jackson, “I hope you evolve.” Realizing his macaca moment was staring him in the face, Matthews quickly added, “I’m just teasing.”

Just teasing? All a big joke? Telling a black minister to “evolve?” And that’s a joke?

I want to hear the apology. I want to see the protest marches. I want the resignation/firing to commence. I want Obama’s press conference assailing such a racist remark.

If a Republican host said this, he’d be out the door the same day, and I’d be holding the door with a boot shined.

Telling a black man to “evolve?” That’s the real face of the Democrat Party.