WaPo poll results bring out the very angry trolls

The Washington Post has gotten around to writing-up its now-famous poll (which we dissected here) and it shows the Senate race is — surprise! — a toss-up.

But the numbers, the methodology…none of that is nearly as interesting as the comments on the story. Here are a few real gems;

I always tell my DC friends and MD friends to move to Virginia so we can change Virginia. Can’t stand sending all our money to the backwards farmers down south who only hate. Don’t need any more progressives in DC and MD but we could take a few more in Virginia!

That choice bit of wisdom was recommended by five other readers, and prompted this response:

The south will never change. Too bad Lincoln didn’t let the entire scum region go.

That was given the thumbs-up by six readers.

Or, if we’re looking for a more elevated tone, we have this:

I thought Virginia was entirely Liberal Leaning. Surprised now.

That just beggars belief.

For those still entranced by Civil War references, we have these:

During the civil war Virginia split into 2 states. Time for another split – North Virginia. Nothing in common with the rest of the state.


RoVa can hook up with their fellow hillbilies [sic] in West Va.

And such and such.

Yes, it’s never fair to judge a post’s content by the trollishness of its comment section. But it’s genuinely amusing to read the spittle-flecked anger in this one.

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