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Allen’s ‘Blueprint for America’s Comeback’ … required reading for the ‘Free Lance Star’?


The Fredericksburg Free Lance Star is apparently competing to become the Washington Post Junior [2] with their latest swing at former Virginia Governor George Allen [3] who is currently running for the U.S. Senate seat. They opine (funny how that rhymes with “whine”):

If Mr. Allen really wants to make a favorable impression, he’ll tell us
less about what he thinks we want and more about the strategy he’d
employ to get us there. Glittering generalities seldom are golden.

Talk about “glittering generalities” … has the Free Lance Star bothered to read Allen’s Blueprint for America’s Comeback [4]?  It has been written about in newspapers and on blogs for anyone who took the time to do a little research.

Published in June 2011, almost a year ago, the Blueprint for America’s Comeback is a pro-growth plan of action to get our country back on course by focusing on jobs, competitiveness, freedom and opportunity.

George Allen’s Blueprint doesn’t just generalize the issues at hand … it offers details to help Virginians, unlike competitor Tim Kaine’s vaguely-worded “economic vision” that has absolutely no details of how to achieve his “economic vision” other than relying on broad generalities like “talent economy.” Really? This from the governor who cut funding [5] to higher education and saw the cost of college tuition skyrocket?

The Write Side of My Brain [6] blog bluntly pointed out, “… such blind partisanship in an ‘editorial’ should carry a disclaimer. And show up on Kaine’s list of in-kind contributions.”

It’s not like George Allen hasn’t been traveling the Commonwealth explaining his vision for Virginia, and the many op-eds in Virginia newspapers bear that out … even his op-ed in the Free Lance Star itself. Here’s the research their editorial staff should have done. You want details? Here’s the details:

Richmond Times Dispatch: It’s time for America to make a grand comeback [7]
Daily Caller: Taxing America Out of Competition [8]

Washington Times: Virginians are Paying Too Much at the Pump [9]
News & Messenger: High Gasoline Prices Touch Every Aspect of the Economy [10]
Fairfax Times: It’s Time to Reinvigorate Small Business [11]
Northern Virginia Daily: A Vision for a Better Future [12]
Washington Times: Obamacare Stalls American Economic Engine [13]
Free Lance-Star: U.S. Succeeds When Small Businesses Succeed [14]
Newsmax: Obama is Isolating Israel [15]
Daily Caller: It’s Time for Real Energy Action [16]
Washington Times: Listen to Virginians, Mr. President [17]
Washington Examiner: Advancing a New Freedom to Work Agenda in America [18]
Loudoun Times-Mirror: A Pro-Growth Plan for America’s Comeback [19]
Washington Times: Job growth: Restoring American dream means rekindling entrepreneurial spirit [20]
Richmond Times-Dispatch: A Blueprint for America’s Comeback [21]
Washington Examiner: America’s Energy Needs are Right Here, Mr. President [22]
Daily Caller: Flat Tax Option: Freedom to Choose [23]

Yes, it’s a lot to read because George Allen has been writing and sharing this for the past year.

Or here’s a novel idea: they could just go to George Allen’s campaign website and read the
Blueprint for America’s Comeback in its entirety.

And where has Tim Kaine been the past year? Snuggling up to the side of President Barack Obama at every opportunity [24], walking lock-step and saying he stands by his president on the overreaching government programs of the past three years. It looks as if the Free Lance Star may be planning to be part of that snugglefest.

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