RNC Unveils New Grassroots Tool

I recently spent time exploring the Republican National Committee’s newest tool, Social Victory Center. It’s a website for you to coordinate all of your conservative GOTV efforts, find local events, and just about anything else a dedicated Republican activist needs.

SVC Event Map

You, the individual precinct captain, unit chair, SCC member, candidate, or informed voter, are presented with a vast array of tools designed to fit your needs. Want to know where and when events in your area are scheduled? It’s an app for that. Need to publicize your unit’s next event? It’s an app for that. Want to keep up with political news from Virginia? It’s an app for that. Want to do some serious phone banking, from the comfort of your own sofa? It’s even an app for that.

Clicking on a news story brings up a generous sample of the article, with the option to read the entire original source. You also have the option to mark the article as read so it does not clutter up the app’s news-feed. There is even a Facebook Like button and a Send button to share the article with friends, groups, or even an individual e-mail address.

There is an online forum style discussion section. When you comment on a discussion topic you have an option to post it to your Facebook timeline where your friends will see and join the discussion.

Now all of that is really cool, but the one feature that impresses me the most is the Phone Bank from home. It’s somewhat difficult to find right now. It’s been reported and I hope it’s fixed soon. Another issue with this feature is that the user apparently has no control over the area code his call will go to. When I tested this my call was destined to a household in Bay Harbor, OH.* It would be nice to have the option to select the area code you wish to work with. Someone like me, with a definite Andy Griffith-ish accent, probably should not be calling folks in New Yawk City. And in case you’re wondering, your number does not appear on the recipient’s caller ID.

Riding on the Facebook platform makes it very stable. It should integrate well with Twitter and YouTube. Overall the technology is impressive, yet very easy to use. As any software writer or developer knows, as time goes by there will be unforeseen issues pop up. Hopefully they will be quickly resolved.

I’m excited by this new tool. In 2008 Republicans were way behind the ball on social networking from a political aspect. If every unit chairman spreads the word to his or her members, and precinct captains share it with their friends and neighbors that will not be the case in 2012 and beyond. Remember though, it’s useless if it’s not used.

* This information came from 411.com. No call was actually made.