Hype and Blame: 2012

Oh, it is good to be politically aware in Virginia right now.

If you love politics, and you are a Virginian, how can you not just sit back – regardless of partisanship – and just say, “This is cool.”

Virginia boasts the Majority Leader in the House of Representatives, Eric Cantor.  We have a former Democratic National Committee Chairman running for U.S. Senate in Tim Kaine.  Then there is George Allen, who was once considered a presidential prospect for 2008, but now is making his own political comeback to mirror his campaign’s “Blueprint for America’s Comeback.”

Governor Bob McDonnell is consistently discussed as a VP potential, but more importantly, he head’s up the Republican Governors Association.  Then there is Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, who took Del. Bob Marshall’s “Health Care Freedom Act”, and led the charge against ObamaCare.

Terry McAuliffe, a former DNC chair himself and adviser to former President Bill Clinton, ran for governor in 2009 and seems primed to do it again in 2013, along with White House “Crasher” Tareq Salahi.

Not to mention that former Gov. Jim Gilmore was also Republican National Committee chair, and Ed Gillespie, the former Republican Party of Virginia chair, was a senior adviser to President Bush and now is advising Governor Mitt Romney.

Those are just a handful of the players.

How can you not love the politics here!

Let’s also set the scene for just this week:

Wednesday, we had Gov. Romney in Chantilly.  Thursday, he will be in Portsmouth.

Friday, the president will be in Alexandria. Saturday, he will be in Richmond.

Do you think Virginia might matter?

That’s also why the Republican National Committee has chosen Virginia to roll out a new campaign Thursday parodying the 2008 Obama campaign.

Instead of it being “Hope and Change”, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus is labeling the 2012 version, “Hype and Blame”.

RNC knows exactly how it wants to inform the American people of the Obama presidency:

“Obama has no record to run on so he’s out on the trail resorting to the same tactics he campaigned against in 2008. He has a litany of broken promises so what does he do? Lay blame, make excuses, run on gimmicks and engage in divisive politics. Four years later we know the candidate of Hope and Change is now Hype and Blame,” said Allie Brandenburger of the RNC.

Tomorrow, RNC Chairman Priebus, Virginia GOP Chairman Pat Mullins and Ohio GOP Chairman Bob Bennett (another “battleground”) will officially launch the “Hype and Blame: 2012” campaign, which features not only the bumper sticker, but also the facts that detail the past three years of the Obama administration.

So, here’s yet another example of  Virginia being the center of the U.S. political universe.  The mother of presidents is back.  And the battle for the heart and soul of America is happening right here – just like it did 150 years ago in Williamsburg and 241 years ago in Yorktown.

  • You had me going until you got the RNC part and “Hype and Blame”. Drop that meme. It doesn’t work for me and it sure won’t worth the electorate at large. If you can’t come up with something better than that, you don’t deserve to be governing. I want to vote and campaign for positive things. I do not and will not vote or campaign for trashing the opposition with meaningless slogans. Sorry, go back to the drawing the board.

  • Tim J

    I see this as a strategy that in part counters what will be a full spectrum and very well funded assault on Republicans, conservatives, motherhood and apple pie this year. There are many cracks in the Democrat’s messaging brought on by scandles, lack of performance on the economy, divisive and destructive social profiling, the failure to control their radical fringe and the failure of government in general…. all of which is forcing them to cluster bomb their opposition with noise and nonsense to draw attention away from their bankrupt and failed stewardship of the public trust.

  • WWJD52

    Wow so well said…. Personally I love Hype and Blame because its so accurately represents the president.

  • Hype and blame is a perfect representation of what the Democrats will be doing this year.

    Hyping up things that didn’t work or people don’t like – stimulus, Obamacare.

    Blaming Bush and the Republicans for the bad economy Obama “inherited,” and complaining that all we want to do is go back to the “same failed policies that got us into this mess.”

    We won’t hear anything else.

  • Steve Vaughan

    JR- I have to agree that after 150 years of being largely irrelevant on the national political stage, it’s good to have Virginia front and center again.

  • reality

    Just flew back from my road trip to the Communist state of Cali.

    No traffic during rush houir in all the cities I passed through during that time. Mostly infrastructure and military freight onthe big trucks. And everyone I met and talked with was sick of Hope Change and Poverty.

    Take it for what its worth. The citizens are pissed!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • reality

    Let me requaify that!

    The working legal citizens are pissed!

  • Jack Daniels

    I remember the Sore/Loserman signs and stickers after Gore tried to steal the election (he never got more votes than Bush in any count). Hype and Blame is to the point. It certainly works because Obama hasn’t produced anything but a slow economy and millions of Americans who aren’t even looking for a job now. The libs can claim that it’s not going to work but that just tells me it’s effective. The RNC should print off 1 million of these and distribute them around the country.

  • MD Russ

    Jack D,

    TANSTAAFL. Here is how you can get your Hype & Blame bumper sticker from the RNC:


  • Jeff

    More designs are also available on the following site: http://www.hypeblame2012.com

    This site doesn’t require filling in all of the personal information so I like it better.

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