Forward…edit! More on Obama’s slogan…

Much has been said about the Marxist/Socialist associations of President Obama’s new slogan “Forward!” We had our own fun with it here.

And heaven knows it’s a good slogan for the President because he doesn’t want anyone looking backward to his time in office (except for sort of, kind of weaseling his way to saying to go ahead and get OBL).

But what’s fascinating is the flurry of activity over at Wikipedia. There’s an entry entitled Forward (generic name of socialist publications). You need to check it out quickly because it’s been flagged and may be deleted. Here’s a screen cap (click to embiggen).

This small entry has now been edited on Wikipedia some 100 times in the last 24 hours. Seems like someone has problems with the President’s socialist leanings.

In case the page does disappear, here are two more screen caps of the editing.

I particularly love this notation:

18:57, 1 May 2012? SkepticAnonymous (talk | contribs)? . . (2,191 bytes) (+74)? . . (Probabyl falls under Speedy Deletion criteria but I can’t find how to request that. This is patent garbage however. I wonder what the right wing author thinks of the State Motto of Wisconsin?) (undo)

Write much Captain Obvious? I mean seriously, couldn’t you at least try to appear non-biased?

Here in the Commonwealth, we’ve seen this type of editing before. Six years ago hardly any American had heard or spoken the word “macaca.” The word, or a variation thereof may have appeared in an obscure medical dictionary…or not.

But when the infamous video showed up three days after the event anyone who Googled the word went straight to the Wikipedia page, which showed three days of editing. That’s right the definition of the word The Washington Post loved to print was created by a couple of left-wing smear merchants who still try to wear it as a badge of honor.

But let them go ahead and spend their time editing the Wikipedia page. We’ve got other sources.

New Obama slogan has long ties to Marxism, socialism
The Washington Times

Wikipedia Entry on Obama/Biden ‘Forward’ Slogan Scrubbed of References to ‘Leftwing newspapers and publications’
The Blaze

Finally: Team Obama unveils its new slogan; Update: “Was Reply-All taken?”
Hot Air

  • Let’s not forget that “gaily forward” is what one says when avoiding the term “go straight.”

  • Jerry Zeigler

    Trotsky edited a paper named “Forward”. Editing books will take a lot more time than wikipedia.

  • Yet another example of the simultaneous brilliance and insanity of allowing just anyone to “edit” the encyclopedia. Good thing they can’t edit it out of “real” encyclopedias and other reliable, academic sources.

  • SWilliams

    Oh no’s. The Moonie Times, Glenn InsaneClownPosse Beck’s Duh Blaze, and Hot Air are tossing about Marxi-soshul charges at Bama? This is indeed scintillating news. Cant we get back to the “He hates white people” screeds? This site is the comedy bomb.

    Hey look, Richard Nixon is a social marxist too!

    “This is a rather disturbing revelation and may prove that Richard M. Nixon was the first Marxist president ever to be elected in the United States of America — a Republican-Marxist no less. It might also explain the ease with which Nixon handed over South Vietnam to the Red Chinese!”

  • SWilliams, as you so often do, you miss the point. This is not so much about the slogan itself as it is about the frantic editing of the Wikipedia site by leftist spin merchants.

    But, thanks for playing.

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