Donner endorses Allen

Bearing Drift contributor and former Republican U.S. Senate candidate Tim Donner is set to endorse George Allen today. He is the first of any of Allen’s rivals to give his support to the former governor and U.S. Senator.

In Donner’s endorsement, which he provided to Bearing Drift in advance, he discusses the importance of this election and the qualities necessary in the Republican candidate.

He writes:

“This election is not about individual candidates. It is about the very soul of America. Our very way of life.

“This is our last chance to restore, strengthen and preserve the principles which transformed America from a colonial backwater to the world’s greatest nation in the space of a single century; individual liberty, limited government and free markets.

“With so much at stake, the perfect is truly the enemy of the good (I tried to convince persuadable voters of this during my own US Senate campaign!) We must shrewdly assess not which candidates are perfect – none are – but which are realistically going to make it to the finish line in opposition to the vision of a social democracy.”

Donner continues by providing his crystal-clear rationale for endorsing Allen:

“If I honestly believed anyone but George Allen will win this nomination, I would not have withdrawn from the race.

“From his unambiguous opposition to Obamacare to his strong stand on the critical issue of energy independence to his legacy as a governor that was perhaps the most consequential in recent history, Gov. Allen has demonstrated through experience and judgment that he is more than capable of carrying the fight to the leftists seeking to assume control of every area of our lives.”

And what about the criticisms he and the present crop of candidates have leveled at Allen regarding Allen’s first term in the U.S. Senate?

“Many of us have had differences with some of his votes in his first turn in the US Senate. If that were not the case, I would not have sought the nomination myself. But I have had the opportunity to spend some productive time talking with Mr. Allen in the last few weeks, and am convinced, as apparently are most Virginia Republicans, that he shares our commitment to reducing the size, scope and control of government.”

Allen has a wide-array of support from a diverse group of conservatives that include Rudy Giuliani, Senator Ron Johnson, Gov. Bob McDonnell, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Congressman Robert Hurt, Prince William County Supervisor Corey Stewart and many, many others.

Allen can now add a former rival to the mix.

This all being said, it is worthwhile to clarify why we are writing about this endorsement on Bearing Drift.

Per our endorsement policy:

“Individual contributors in their personal capacity may endorse whomever they choose. However, contributors may not reference Bearing Drift in their endorsements, publicize their endorsements through Bearing Drift media or otherwise represent to candidates that the candidate has the endorsement of Bearing Drift unless specifically authorized to do so by the Board.”

In this circumstance, Donner, being a former candidate for U.S. Senate, makes this endorsement newsworthy, let alone him being the first of the rivals to do so. We wouldn’t be doing our job as an information provider if we didn’t write about it.

That being said, this is a unique circumstance and it should be viewed as such.

Bearing Drift has NOT endorsed a candidate in this race. Nor will we until the end of May. We look forward to covering the rest of the campaign and providing the candidates a fair forum to communicate their ideas for a better country.

Update…Statement from George Allen on the endorsement:

“It is truly encouraging to have Tim Donner’s endorsement and his strong, thoughtful voice for the Constitutional values of Freedom, individual responsibility, limited government and opportunity for all. Tim will be a most welcomed key, respected leader carrying our positive message of envisioning a better future for families and job creating small business owners. Tim and I share the same serious concerns that America’s freedoms and opportunities are at risk because of an over-spending, over-regulating federal government. We both want to see the repeal of Obamacare, while advancing personal health care options rather than government-rationed care. This election will be pivotal in restoring the promise of the American Dream. We will move ahead together, united for proven solutions to reinvigorate our economy with pro- job growth economic, reasonable regulatory and productive American energy development. I’m certain that Tim Donner’s passion for creative, common-sense conservative ideas will make him a persuasive advocate on our growing grassroots team.”

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