Jackson responds to Schapiro ‘stereotyping.’ Is this Jeff’s ‘macaca moment’?

It seems the column the RTD’s Jeff Schapiro wrote on Wednesday struck a nerve with the E.W. Jackson Senate campaign, which issued a press release taking strong issue with Jeff’s statement that Jackson’s senatorial bid is entirely dependent upon “the novelty of a black minister-broadcaster running in a heavily white party.”

The Jackson campaign responded, in part:

First of all, Mr. Shapiro is obviously a mind reader. He knows what I am banking on. We’ve never spoken or exchanged communications, yet he knows me. This is typical leftist stereotyping. If you don’t tow the liberal line, particularly if you belong to one of their designated victim classes, you get marginalized and demonized. You would think that by now they would have come up with something original, but it’s the same mundane obsession with race. By the way, Shapiro may not have noticed it, but the Democrat party is “heavily white.” Of course the problem with Democrat elites is not the color of their skin, but the content of their minds.

The contents of Jeff’s mind would have sent Freud to the loony bin. Nevertheless, it is now safe to say, as one wag put it, that Jeff has just had his own macaca moment.

Congratulations, Jeff. And here’s hoping that whichever company decides to plunk down two mules and a ball of twine in exchange for the RTD sends you on a multi-year, statewide self-abasement tour, where you can explain to the world that you had no idea that your throw-away line was at all offensive, but your heartily sorry for any pain it may have caused anyone. Or they could just sack you (I understand Keith Olbermann is holding auditions for a side-kick/valet, so chins up, chest out and remember to hit your marks!).

And don’t forget — you also need to call Bishop Jackson personally and apologize. If you need the number (and it’s clear you do), it’s right there on the website…operators are standing by to take what ought to be a truly fascinating call.

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