Obama to “launch” campaign in Richmond May 5

President Barack Obama has chosen the River City to “officially” launch his re-election campaign May 5.

This is, of course, in spite of him visiting three battleground states in the past two days in order to pander to college students on the taxpayer’s dime. Surely that wasn’t campaigning.

“President Obama is coming back to Virginia, ostensibly to ‘kick off’ his 2012 campaign. You know, it sort of makes me wonder what all those 120 fund raisers and other events that were all but campaign stops were about,” said chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia, Pat Mullins.

But now that Mitt Romney is the likely Republican nominee, it seems appropriate for Mr. Obama to begin spending some of his sizable campaign war-chest here in the commonwealth and elsewhere. (For what it’s worth – hey, Mr. President, we don’t discriminate….you’re welcome to buy an ad here too!)

It also makes sense for him to “officially” launch his campaign in the state that voted in 2008 “Democrat” for president for the first time since 1964.

Obama needs the commonwealth in the win column again to get to 270 electoral votes and is desperate to keep the Senate from switching parties – especially with Virginia’s Senate seat being an open seat due to the retirement of Sen. Jim Webb. Obama’s Cheerleader-in-Chief and former DNC Chairman Tim Kaine is running for the position.

“Over half of Virginians disapprove of the way Barack Obama is handling his job as President, because of his record of ballooning debt, lost jobs, and rising gas prices,” said Allie Brandenburger, RNC Spokesperson. “In 2008 the President ran on ‘hope and change,’ but because Obama can’t run on his failed record you can expect the 2012 campaign to resort to the cynical politics of fear and division instead. Virginians are tired of his failed policies and broken promises.”

Also welcoming the president to Virginia is Governor Bob McDonnell, a Romney advocate:

“[The president’s] policies have taken our country in the wrong direction, and Virginia and the rest of the nation can’t afford four more years of the same. Mitt Romney is a results-oriented conservative with a bold plan to create jobs, shrink government, and reduce our debt burden. When Virginians go to the polls in November, there will be a very clear choice: we can continue down the failed path that President Obama has taken the country, or we can choose Mitt Romney – a proven leader who will get our country on the right track.”

So, happy Cinco de Mayo, Richmond…Obama is coming to town.

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