Gallup shows dead heat between Romney and Obama — but watch the independents

Despite the rumblings and contentions of Ron Paul’s supporters, the major party nominations look set and so we can turn our attention to the daily Gallup tracking poll. And what does the first edition find? Nothing we didn’t already know:

Yes, yes: it’s a poll of registered, not likely, voters. And of course, it is only mid-April, and just about anything can happen between now and election day.

But the column to watch from here on out is that for “independents.” Right now, for reasons that escape me, Romney seems to be doing well.

Of additional interest is this chart on intensity:

These numbers will likely change, too. Still, it’s interesting to see that “Romney voters” have the slight intensity edge. For today.

  • Brian E

    “Despite the rumblings and contentions of Ron Paul’s supporters…” Do we really need the digs?

    Obama and his media cronies are going tear these republican Republicans apart, they’ll need all the support they can muster.

  • Norm, the “column” of Independents was a row, not a column, and we don’t know what % of them were polled in the total, nor the breakdown. Please report back.

  • How does Obama win? Five to Six dollar gas by July.

    The American public is the most clueless in the civilized world, but, we know the price of gas. Obama has an easy ride to november because the price of oil is really not that much of a problem for his administration to manipulate for short term political leverage.. You can do anything you want in Washington as long as people back home are comfortable by october.

  • “The American public is the most clueless in the civilized world…”

    I was going to rebut this claim, but then I realized just how clueless it was. I’ll let the irony do the talking.

    As fore, file me under independents supporting “Other.”

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