Is Obama planning to use his post-election “flexibility” to betray Israel?

Presidents Obama and Abbas shake hands as Yasser Arafat smiles over them

A couple of weeks ago, President Obama accidentally revealed his secret plans to capitulate to Russia on the U.S.’s missile defense program:

As he was leaning toward [Russian President Dmitri] Medvedev in Seoul, Obama was overheard asking for time – “particularly with missile defense” – until he is in a better position politically to resolve such issues.

“I understand your message about space,” replied Medvedev, who will hand over the presidency to Putin in May.

“This is my last election … After my election I have more flexibility,” Obama said, expressing confidence that he would win a second term.

“I will transmit this information to Vladimir,” said Medvedev, Putin’s protégé and long considered number two in Moscow’s power structure.

It appears that Obama has made similar secret assurances to the Palestinians about their efforts to be recognized by the United Nations as a state.  The left-wing Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz reports that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas plans to send Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu an ultimatum on a new Palestinian “peace” plan:  Give a “positive response,” or the Palestinians will go back to the U.N.

Ha’aretz goes on to report:

Abbas said he would not wait until after the U.S. presidential elections in November, which he said U.S. administration officials had requested, before asking the UN General Assembly to upgrade the Palestinian Authority from “observer” status to that of a state without full membership in the United Nations.

Why did Obama want the Palestinians to wait until after the U.S. elections before seeking statehood from the U.N.?  Was it because Obama believes he’ll have more “flexibility” to support them?  The American and Israeli people deserve to know.

  • The stupid active anti-Jews making up the majority of American Jews enabled President Obama to staff up with Jews who betray their own tribe members all the time. Rahm Emanuel threatened groups like AIPAC by informing them if they didn’t push Israel to make concessions then Obhamas would let Iran go nuclear. The Obhamas admin is antagonistic and opportunistic.. The potus is now funding the muslim brotherhood with billions for peaceful purposes, of course lol, so Israel will have to come to the table and mend fences with less radical islamic regimes. I welcome anyone to tell me otherwise.

    Bend over jews, Obama is gonna butt f— ya. You are gonna thank him by voting for him again, aren’t you?

    Can’t make this stuff up.

  • reality

    James you’re feeling it my brother!

    Watching 300, No surrender,no retreat, we will fight to the last man! We will never kneel to tyranny! Freedom

  • Eric McGrane

    In Obama’s church (with Revered Wright), they reprinted a piece from Hamas in the church newsletter. Revered Wright was a fan of Farrakhan.

    Anyone who thinks that Obama is a friend of Israel is clearly uninformed. There’s zero evidence to support that assertion.

  • reality

    What a commentary on our times country and world. GCB PLAYING ON EASTER SUNDAY!

  • Eric McGrane

    GCB on Easter….disgusting.

  • reality

    Amazing how fast a nation can be dumbed down and brainwashed. I can feel the apprehension and hear our forefathers warning us of the fragility of freedom. Overwhelms me and reassures me of the divine intervention which created this “experiment”

    The good news is evil will be defeated!

  • I am not so sure of that reality, the Obhamas admin has some real sharp coolies in their kitchen. Messina, Plouffe and especially Axelrod are much smarter than most gop with to give them credit for. They are tuned in to voter psychology today while the RObomney folks are tuned into the 90’s.. Being in touch with voters on a personal level gives them a huge edge. To defeat evil we do not have to work harder, we have to be smarter. If the Romneystablishment backstabs the Ron Paul loyalists then its game over, Obhamas has it in the bag. The GOP has to embrace every gop candidate FAIRLY and that includes every GOP candidate supporter. The BS that went down in the 3rd congressional district helps Obama immensly without the dems lifting a finger!!!!!!!

    This BS going in within the local and national GOP is killing the dems with laughter. Stop it please. I have enough problems with stupid jews calling out stupid republicans..

    God help us.

  • reality

    Hang in there James I have room on the ship for another freedom fighter.

    I was referring to “We the People” being dumbed down and bw. Evil is cunning and devious but has it’s weak spots. Don’t lose faith in devine intervention. We are not in charge just instruments. Thats why evil is so afraid of Chistianity and God. The unseen power that can defeat them.

    Go up high and get the long view. The problems become much easier to overcome from up high.

    keep hanging.

  • aznew

    Nice try, but this makes absolutely no sense. On the one hand, Abbas claims that the Obama Administration told the Palestinians to wait until after November to seek full recognition from the UN, presumably at which time Obama, freed from the contraints of another election, will turn on Israel and give the Palestinians all that they want (after deeding the Grand Canyon to china, that is).

    If I were a Palestinian, that sounds like a pretty good deal to me. So it makes perfect sense that Abbas would just blow that offer off completely, undercut Obama (his benefactor), and threaten Netanyahu with a ultimatum (a tactic that works wonders with Bibi, a well-known cream puff, and the Israeli public), and to top it off, lets just do all that during the Passover holiday, a festival that more than any other commemorates the transformation of the Jewish people from slaves into a nation) that would completely undercut that promise.

    Also, why on Earth would anyone believe anything Abbas says? More than likely, Abbas’ comment is intended to raise suspicion and distrust among Israelis about Obama, who completely out-maneuvered the PLO diplomatically at the UN last year. Of course, such a plan would be dependent upon enough Jews gullible enough, and misinformed enough about the situation in the Middle East, to buy into such nonsense.

    Or maybe Abbas merely understands that when it comes to Obama, some Conservative Jews are just willing to believe the worst about him, even when it comes from an enemy who, in his heart, would just as soon see us exterminated as not.

    The sad truth is that for a variety of reasons, Abbas and his new ally, Hamas, would prefer Romney as president, who clearly lacks the foreign policy chops to understand the complex Middle East and who, by his own words, seems only to have one, militaristic approach to all foreign policy challenges, to President Obama, who has proven himself an able diplomat with the willingness to use force when necessary.

    What the PLO fears most right now is losing the diplomatic support of the majority of nations in the world. Once that is gone, once they are no longer seen as “freedom fighters” against an unjust occupation, Israel will have won. It is all they have to keep them afloat. Several factors endanger that right now, most importantly the Arab Spring, but Obama’s success diplomatically is also a factor.

    As usual in the Middle East, it is more instructive to watch what people involved in the Middle East do, not what they say, because more often than not they are lying.

  • Foobar

    Turbo Cohen: re: “funding muslim brotherhood”

    The MB’s “Freedom and Justice” party won almost 50% of Egypt’s parliament seats in the sep2011 elections. Apparently the MB is less strident than the Salafis party.

    US military aid to Egypt (which is what you are referring to) is part of the terms of agreement of the Camp David Accords, the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt.

    Does not funding Egypt break the accord?

    Is the US subject to $2 Billion in penalties if the aid is cutoff?

    Would our access to Egypt’s air space (w/ the Suez Canal right there) go away?

    Bloomberg magazine refers to the continued military aid as a jobs issue for US DoD contractors. You have to wonder how much contractor lobbying took place.

  • reality

    From the “facts” available the Obama administration could well be illegal.

    Who cares what the Obama Admin. says or does? As far as I’m concerned the Obama admin is fraudulent and illegal and nothing they has said or done will pass the test of time. Prove me wrong with irrefuteable hard evidence and facts!

  • Jack Solis

    Reality, you’re the one making the assertion that the Obama administration is “fraudulent and illegal”, therefore it’s logically on you to prove it, with irrefutable hard evidence and facts. I don’t think that there are any seers in this comment thread, none of us can look into the future and tell you whether or not the Obama administration’s words or actions will pass the test of time.

    (my apologies to any seers reading this)

  • Jerry Zeigler

    Obama has never really been an ally of Israel, so you can’t call it betrayal.

  • Jerry gets it.. Obhamas was never a friend and does a great job pulling the will over many eyes..

  • reality

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. take it or leave it. I don’t have the energy tonight to single finger peck all of my evidence. I have big fingers. Maybe tomorrow if I get to a real key board.

    If you don’t recognize sociopathic criminal behavior not my problem.

    Climb a tree and get a better view and maybe you can see too. maybe…..not everyone can.

  • reality

    had plumbing problems this weekend and lost hot water. Spent the day chasing parts and repairing the problems.

    My reward a nice hot shower and the sound of fire in the burner.


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