Obama energy ads play fast-and-loose with his record

The President seems to acknowledge that’s he’s got a growing weak spot on energy, as can be seen in the television ads both his campaign and one of those devilish, secretive outside groups that have Tim Kaine in such a lather are running in the state.

The President’s ad goes like this:

To accept the premise, we have to ignore the wholly inconvenient fact that then-Sen. Obama voted for the very tax deductions for oil companies he now decries and, in his now deader than Jacob Marley budget, the President’s budget boffins proposed giving oil companies fresh, new tax cuts.

We must also ignore the fact that oil production has risen — but only private lands. Oil and gas production on federal lands is actually falling.

As for the renewables push the President continues to make, the news today that Solar Trust of America, which received $2.1 billion worth of conditional federal loan guarantees had declared bankruptcy.

With an energy record like that, it’s no wonder the President is a bit touchy on the subject. And plays fast-and-loose with the facts.