Is there really a “war on women?”

The “war on women” is not exactly a new concept, but it still has the power to raise the hackles, and open the checkbooks, of many in the Democratic base. Sabrina Schaeffer, executive director of the Independent Women’s Forum, joins me to talk about what rely motivates all this “war” rhetoric. Not surprisingly, it’s a ruse to deflect attention away from the Democrats’ rotten economic record. As Scaheffer wrote earlier this month:

The women’s-liberation movement intended to draw attention away from women’s bodies; but today Democrats are the only ones still talking about women’s “issues.” Despite all the many educational and professional achievements women have made, Democrats seem committed to keeping the conversation focused on our bodies. And that’s the biggest attack on women by far.

That’s taking objectification to a fresh, new low.

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  • ToR

    The Democrats rotten economic record? Yes, the economy was booming when President Obama took over and everything that’s happened in the last three years has had nothing to do with globalization, the international system we operate under, and anything that happened before January 2009.

  • Who would you rather have face “War on Women” questions? Jamie Radtke or George Allen?

    @ ToR:
    Really? Really? Look just save it. I hated Bush’s 2nd term. He sucked!! Bush was responsible for a poorly handled occupational war in Iraq and he spent like no tomorrow. Bush was bad for the military, bad for the economy, and bad for individual liberty.

    All that said, ToR, don’t expect any credibility when you try to blame everybody, but Obama. I didn’t think anyone could have been worse than Bush. I was wrong. Obama is far worse.

    You don’t have to agree with me there, but how many years before Obama and Democrats get credit for the dumpster the economy is in?

    Do you expect anyone to credibly listen to you when you just completely deny the obvious?

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